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Hey there! I am Shannan Wright, a.k.a. Addicted to Mickey. My family and I are Disney lovers and want to share it with the world! I have been married to Paul for 15 years and we have 3 kids, Clay, Zachary and Erin. We don't get to go as often as we would like, but each time we go, we try different resorts and different restaurants so we can share our experiences with you. I never thought that I would be sharing it with folks all around the world. Addicted to Mickey is big enough to have its own writers!!  The more I go, the more I love it and the more excited I get about sharing it with you!   Hope you enjoy what you read here and know that if you ever have any questions, you can find me at Addicted to Mickey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well.  I am also a travel agent, specializing in Disney vacations but can also book anything, anywhere in the world!

Hello!  My name is Heather and I am a  self-confessed Disney freak.  I have been married to my college sweetheart for more than eleven years.  We are parents to two wonderful children.  Zachary is seven and Keira is five.  Both kids have December birthdays within two weeks of Christmas so we are just coming down from the chaos and wonder of the season.  Aside from being a mom, I am the Guidance Content Specialist (Guidance Director) for a school district in a suburb of Boston.   It would not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me that I am a Disney nut.  I love all things Disney.  I enjoy talking about the movies, the music, the parks and the history.  I have had the good fortune to be raised in a house where travelling to Disney became something we did quite often.  My parents became DVC members in 1992 which has paved the way to continued family vacations with a new generation.  Now rather than a trip that includes my parents and younger brother and sister, we can be seen at times with close to twenty people at any one time.   In addition to WDW, I have enjoyed several trips to California to visit Disneyland and California Adventure.  We have also had the opportunity to stay at Disney’s Hilton Head property and travel on the Disney cruise.  When I am not planning a trip for someone in my family, I am helping others plan a trip or trying to find a creative way to get my family back to Disney again.   When I am not in the process of planning an upcoming trip, we still have an opportunity to enjoy Disney.  We have Mickey Mouse floor mats in the car, mugs, plates, toys, and a Disney themed Christmas tree.  We have almost every Disney movie on DVD and keep our VHS players for the few movies we have in that format.   Halloweens in our house have also had a major touch of Disney.  For my son’s first Halloween he was Roo from Winnie the Pooh.  We took him to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party with friends that year where he was able to crawl through the honey pots in the Hundred Acre Wood play area.  When he was two he was Eeyore.  When my daughter came along they were Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.  Since then she has been Aurora, Snow White and this year she was Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  My son was so inspired by the Maelstrom in the Norway pavilion of Epcot that he was a Viking.  He actually won first place for the first grade at the Halloween dance.   I love talking about my experiences at WDW and Disneyland and love to hear about other people who have had the opportunity to go.  I look forward to the opportunity to share some ideas and suggestions.  I also hope to learn something new for the next time that I have the opportunity to travel to Florida or California or possibly to a resort outside of the United States at some point.

My name is Dawn, total Disney Freak! I have been married to my best friend for 13 years, we have 4 of the the greatest children you could ask for.
 Aside from being a Stay at home mom, I have my own business on ebay, where I enjoy making jewelry, and providing with my husband for my children, and our many Disney trips. 
 Ever since I was little, I loved all things Disney! I could not wait to go on vacations as a child with my parents, they took my sister and I all over the United states, and even Canada, as silly as it sounds, my favorite place to go was my grandparents house in Florida, my sister and I knew that included a family trip to Disney world!
 In 1997 for health reasons we packed up our house, and made the big move to Florida, the doctor advised Florida, or Arizona, to me Florida was much nicer, and closer to Disney! It is so much fun only being an hour and a half from my second home.
 As a family we have decided to purchase season passes, since we go so much, why not?? My favorite thing in life is all about Making Memories for my children, and what better place to make that happen then Disney? My day starts with going to Magic Kingdom, as we round that corner(now I have rounded that corner over 100 times) , I see the castle, and the tears begin to fall, my kids look,and say, well our day can begin now, mom is crying. There is just something that overtakes you once you step foot on Main Street, you loose all the memories of what is going on at home, and you are a child once again, you take a few steps, you begin by smelling the candy shop, you are welcomed by the band or a mini show going on, you look up and see the balloon handlers with 100 shiny ,sparkling balloons, you walk a little further ,and the smell of the Bakery fills your nostrils, then comes the smell of waffle cones, your senses all go wild, you are about 5 years old again! You don't care what you look like how big or small you are, you are just taken to another world, that is why I love Disney, that feeling is like no other feeling in the world. 

I love riding the rides, I have been on them all! I know what it is like to have a small budget and think you just can not afford to go , I love helping and teaching people how they can make it affordable, and still have a good time. I am a Disney foodie, I love trying new things, new places to eat, the Food and Wine Festival was the best thing ever! We have done so many things at Disney, if you have any questions about the special things that go on, just ask, I have been to them all.We have eaten, and yes, even drank around the world. I have learned so many tips to help people along through all of my experiences, I hope to share, and even learn some new tips from my fellow Disney lovers.

My name is Karla Corley. I am 38 years old and I have 4 kids ages 21, 19, 16 and a 3 yr old . I am married to my best friend Clayton. Life has given us many ups and downs and we have learned to enjoy what time we have on this earth the best we can. Our 21 yr old had a bone tumor (removed with no sign of cancer) and our 3 yrd old has Epilepsy. We understand making memories and that is why we are going to DISNEY WORLD! I am a Disney Virgin! I will write about my saving and planning for our first Disney trip in early December 2012. We will be staying at the Wilderness Lodge and going to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party. Seeing Disney World at Christmas seemed the way to go! We are going the first week in December to avoid the Christmas crowds. I look forward to sharing some of my newbie finds and ideas with you!

Hey everybody! My name is Adam and I'm a Disney Junkie. I've been married to my wife Bonnie for almost 5 years. We have a son, Owen who is 2 1/2. I've been to Walt Disney World over 15 times, the first time being when I was 4 years old. My mom brought me and I still have memories, believe it or not, from that trip. I live in Flordia, about 3 hours from WDW, and am an annual passholder. My real love for Disney started when we went for my sons first birthday. Since then we've gone 8 times as a family. I did go once by myself for Leap Day, and let me say, that was really neat, and yes I stayed in MK for the full 24 hours! I have a goal to stay at every resort at Disney World. I'm at 5 so far, I still have a ways to go. I love talking about everything Disney, being at the Parks, watching the movies, learning the history, listening to the music and anything else you can think of. I hope I can help spark some ideas by sharing my stories and thoughts, and maybe learn a thing or two myself along the way. Happy reading and have a magical day!

Hello fellow Disney addicts!!  My name is April and I am a  proud wife to an Army soldier and grateful mother to three amazing children!  I can't tell you the exact moment that I fell in love with all things Disney because it seems that Disney has always been a part of my life!  I can't think of any better feeling than the first time you spy the first sign with Mickey on it letting you know you are close!  There is a magical feeling that takes over as soon as you step onto any Disney property, every cast member seems so happy to see you, not because they have to but because they are truly happy to see you!  It is how the world should be, we should all have that magic in our lives!  I grew up six hours away from Disneyland and my parents took me a few times growing up but when I got married and we started our own family we began going every year and believe it or not, since we have been living in Hawaii we have still been going once or even twice a year!  We are moving to Kansas in February and decided to buy annual passes for Walt Disney World!  We have our first trip planned for March already and couldn't be more excited. My kiddos have all also got the Disney gene, my 10 year old son knows more Disney trivia than anyone I know, my daughter is 8 and is a true Disney Princess, and we named her Emma Aurora after my favorite Disney Princess! And my little 4 year old pirate spots hidden Mickey's in everything!  I look forward to sharing what our experiences have been with Disneyland and Aulani and letting you all share our new journeys in Disney World!!  

Hello to all of you Disney fans! My name is Angela Pulsifer, I am married to my wonderful Prince Charming, Rob Pulsifer and have two beautiful daughters. My entire family shares the same amount of love for Disney as I do. I was born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL and visited Disney World as a child a few times. My love for Disney soared when I had a family of my own to enjoy it with and my first experience of being part of the magic was when Rob and I were selected to be the grand marshals of the parade in 2004. My husband and I were huge fans after that experience and were hooked. Ever since we have always showed up in matching Disney clothes. We took our first daughter when she was 10 months old and soon after became pass holders.<br />
Or second daughter was born in 2010 and she was going to be a fan and not even know it. ;) Her first trip was at 3 months old, practically slept through the whole trip but she is a huge fan now at 2 1/2. We visit Disney World between 10-12 times a year, we can't get enough! We have been on two Disney cruises and are currently planning our third cruise. I love everything about Disney World and the best part is seeing the enjoyment on my children's faces each and every time. I really enjoy making our family matching outfits. Love my maternity Disney shirt I made. I love going to Disney all the time because every trip we experience something new. There is so much to do and see at WDW each trip is always a new adventure!! Looking forward to many more trips with my family and experiencing all Disney has to offer! Leaving you with a fun fact, first family of the day at the character spot at Epcot gets this one of a kind photo of all the characters together!! I can now take that off my bucket list.

Hi everyone! My name is Darleen and I am a Disney fanatic. I live on the west coast of Florida and consider WDW to be my "second home". I've been an AP holder for many years and my first trip was in 1972. I can't count how many trips I've made since then, but probably over 100 in all. I've also been to the "Original Magic Kingdom" twice and taken two Disney cruises. I've planned everything from solo trips to four generation family reunions and everything in between. I enjoy the Disney movies, the magic of the Parks and especially the heritage and history of Walt Disney himself and the vision he had for the company. I also enjoy all the wonderful food options available at the parks. To me, that is an "attraction" by itself! My favorite time of year at the parks is the joy at Christmas. I hope to share my love for everything Disney with all of you and look forward to being inspired by everyone else here as well. Thanks for taking the time to read and remember, "It all started with a mouse"!

Welcome aboard! My name is Amy Decker, and I’ll be your skipper, your lion tamer, alligator wrestler, and if you don’t laugh at my jokes, your swim instructor. Oh wait, we aren’t on the Jungle Cruise anymore! Even though I may have hung up my skipper uniform well over ten years ago, my love for Disney will never be put on the shelf, and I am so excited to share my love of Disney with you as a part of the Addicted 2 Mickey team! I am a wife to my Prince Charming, Mike, and mommy to my two adorable little ones, Arabella and Axton.

Loving all things Disney, for me, started at a very young age, when every year my Dad and I would take a very special trip to Walt Disney World all the way from our home in the Seattle area. My love blossomed through my teen years and through college when I decided to attend UCF so I could work at the happiest place on earth.  Since then, I have been a devoted annual pass holder and my husband even proposed on Disney property! To say that we are a Disney loving family is very much an understatement. We frequent the parks at least once a month, and every time we go, something new and magical is experienced. In my spare, non-Disney time, I train for and run half marathons. RunDisney races are my one true love when it comes to fitness, they are the absolute best! For me and my family, Disney is more than just theme parks with smiling faces and heartwarming characters; more than blockbuster movies, enchanting resorts, and the most enjoyable races on the planet. Disney, much like Santa, or the spirit of holidays, has an intrinsically magical quality for us. I am a proud Disney addict, and I can’t wait to share my magical experiences with you!


As my first entry, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Tara, a wife and a mother of three. I have been going to Disney ever since I was 5 years old. My dream job was to be a computer animator for WDW. I was fortunate enough to do the Walt Disney World college program in Fall '98 and lived out part of my dream. While I was there, I networked with a lot of Imagineers and received a Ducktorette from Disney University. Yes, they have their own Disney University. After the program was over, I went back to Georgian Court College to finish getting my BFA in Graphic Design, hoping one day to return to Disney. During this time,  I met my husband. As both of us were trying to decide what to do after we graduated, both of us applied for the WDW College Program Summer 2000. The waiting process went really fast and we were both accepted. However, I was the only one who accepted the offer.  As time went by and we both had to make a decision where our relationship was going, we moved to Orlando, Florida to start pursuing my dream. We eventually got married in Downtown Orlando. It was a very small wedding with just family. Subway catered it with 2 six foot subs. The reception was at my parents Westgate timeshare. Our honeymoon was spent at the Magic Kingdom with dinner at Chef Mickey's. Although it was the best time working for Disney, I needed more than just working in the theme parks. I got a Graphic Design job in Kissimmee, FL and was maintaining a part time status with Disney. About 8 months later, we were at a point in our lives when we wanted to start thinking about kids. We both decided to move back home, closer to family.  In 2006, we had our first son, 2008 our second son, and in 2010 our little princess. Our kids have been to Disney every year since they were born with the exception of the year I had my daughter. We are hoping to renew our vows on our 15 year anniversary in 2016. That's my story in a nutshell.

Some people like to call Disney childish and loving it kind of silly. Well, Disney has been a big part of who I am. Not many people understand just how much Disney means to me personally. For one thing, I grew up watching Disney movies and going to Disney World. I had princess costumes I would play dress up in with my cousin when we were little (and later on passed them onto my little sister). I had a Cinderella themed room growing up.
  Disney also inspired me to get creative with drawing and the art of story telling. I remember at one point I wanted to become an animator for Disney. It helped me grow more creative with both art and writing and now I can’t go two seconds without thinking up a story in my head or thinking of something to draw. That’s how much of an impact it had on me growing up.
            About seven years ago now, my family and I lost everything in a house fire. Shortly before that happened I got sick and had to be pulled out of school due to my grades gradually slipping because I didn’t feel well at all. Shortly after our house burned, we took a trip to Disney World with my cousins and for a short time, I forget about everything that was bothering me. I was smiling and laughing genuinely because there, I was happy. I wasn’t in the real world and reality couldn’t hurt me. After we got back, it would be about three years before we got to return. In that time period, we learned I had a quiet form of epilepsy. I spent a lot of time crying and wishing and praying to get to go back to my happy place, which was Disney World.
            Through that hard time I watched a lot of Disney movies, and whenever a Disney special would come on TV I’d record it and watch it over and over again. Some could say it was obsessive, but to me it was something familiar in a very confusing time.
            No one really, truly understands why I love Disney so much. But Disney taught me some pretty important things in some very trying times. Never stop dreaming, always wish on stars, never grow up, keep moving forward, and never lose hope.

Disney and me, oh where do I start?!?  I have loved Disney ever since I was a young boy.  I will never forget our first trip to Walt Disney World in 1996.  I had spent every free second reading the Unofficial Guide, Birnbaums, and anything else I could get my hands on.  My family and I spent a week there in April and stayed at Dixie Landings. To this day it is still my favorite resort on property!  We went back as a family in 1998 and I was just as excited as the first.  I knew from the time I walked through those gates the first time that I wanted to work at WDW, even if it was picking up trash.  The custodial CMs all looked so happy, so why wouldn’t I enjoy it?  My goal was to get to Florida sooner than later.  I graduated high school early and moved to Orlando to go to college at UCF for hospitality.  I majored in Hospitality Management with an emphasis on Theme Park Management, Lodging Management, and Timeshare Management.  My professors were almost all past executives from the largest hospitality companies in the world, many being from Disney itself!  I was able to learn from those that helped create the industry as we know it, and it is something I will always cherish.  I started working at the Swan and Dolphin during school.  Little did I know that my first job was at the busiest hotel in the world, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I learned so much there and it helped shape me into the leader I am today.  I have been managing hotels and restaurants for over 8 years now and love every day of it!  My wife and I (and our bundle of joy that’s due in July) are hoping to move back to Orlando so I can be closer to the magic again and get back to working for (or near) the mouse!

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