Thursday, November 2, 2017

Food and Wine Festival:Active Eats Booth

Another good food item from last year returned this year at the Active Eats booth, a new booth, but featuring some of the foods from last year. I really enjoyed the Loaded Mac' N cheese from last year, so I purchased it again.

 This is called Loaded Mac n' Cheese with Nueske's pepper bacon, cheddar cheese, peppers and green onions. This is adult mac n' cheese. It is really good, and has a little spice to it. I really enjoyed this dish. You get a nice helping too. It costs 4.75 and is DDP snack eligible.

 Next we purchased the Roasted Verlasso Salmon with quinoa salad and arugula chimichurri. Hubby loved this dish, I am not a big fish fan, but he said this was his favorite thing he ate at the Festival. He said the salmon was cooked perfectly, and the quinoa was excellent. This dish, again a nice helping, was 5.50 and DDP snack eligible.

This booth is located in Future World West.

                                                    Loaded Mac n' Cheese

                                                     Roasted Verlasso Salmon