Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Food and Wine Festival: The Light Lab

 Another new area to Food and Wine was the Light Lab, this is located in Future World West inside the building behind Club Cool.   As you walk in there is a bar type area set up with couches, a table and chairs and it is air conditioned which was amazing on a hot day!

 The Light Lab is a little further into the building separated by a small corridor. As you enter,  there is a night club feel with glowing neon colors. You'll be greeted by "scientists" in lab coats. We only got a drink here.  There is only one food item on the menu that glows, the glonut.   The cups all glowed and the atmosphere was fun. We purchased the RGB: Citrus Apple Freeze,which was refreshing though not as slushy as I had hoped. It tasted kind of like apple, it was just ok. The cost for this was $3.75


  1. I missed out on last years event I will make a point of attending this years event my friend couldn’t stop talking about how succesful the event was the food and wine festival goes up my bucket list