Friday, October 27, 2017

Food and Wine Festival: Ireland

The Ireland booth is located near United Kingdom in Epcot. I was really excited to get to try the Twinings  Pumpkin Chai Tea and Caramel shake. This is a non alcohol drink and was amazing. It had the basic chai taste which to me tasted like fall, especially with the caramel added to it. They also had an alcoholic version of it with vodka, but we kept it alcohol free. This was an amazing tea concoction with milk added and some 'nilla wafers on top. This costs 4.75 and is DDP snack eligible.

 While in line hubby saw they had Warm Chocolate Pudding with Irish cream liquor custard. This was amazing, from the spongy outside to the warm ooey gooey inside it just melted in your mouth as you bit into it. My favorite dessert item at the festival. This item costs 4.00 and is DDP snack eligible.

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  1. after reading everything about the festival i am so eager to join them as well. thank you for posting with this, i can not wait to be a part of it as well