Friday, October 27, 2017

Food and Wine Festival: Ireland

The Ireland booth is located near United Kingdom in Epcot. I was really excited to get to try the Twinings  Pumpkin Chai Tea and Caramel shake. This is a non alcohol drink and was amazing. It had the basic chai taste which to me tasted like fall, especially with the caramel added to it. They also had an alcoholic version of it with vodka, but we kept it alcohol free. This was an amazing tea concoction with milk added and some 'nilla wafers on top. This costs 4.75 and is DDP snack eligible.

 While in line hubby saw they had Warm Chocolate Pudding with Irish cream liquor custard. This was amazing, from the spongy outside to the warm ooey gooey inside it just melted in your mouth as you bit into it. My favorite dessert item at the festival. This item costs 4.00 and is DDP snack eligible.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Food and Wine : The Cheese Studio

The Cheese Studio is located in Future World West, They have so many booths this year in this same location which was nice to just hop from one to the next.

 At this booth I purchased the Braised Beef Stroganoff  with tiny egg noodles, wild mushroom and boursin garlic and fine herbs cheese sauce. This dish was pretty good, I really enjoyed it, and it was a large helping. I loved how unique the tiny egg noodles were. This dish costs 5.00 and is DDP snack eligible.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Food and Wine Festival: The Light Lab

 Another new area to Food and Wine was the Light Lab, this is located in Future World West inside the building behind Club Cool.   As you walk in there is a bar type area set up with couches, a table and chairs and it is air conditioned which was amazing on a hot day!

 The Light Lab is a little further into the building separated by a small corridor. As you enter,  there is a night club feel with glowing neon colors. You'll be greeted by "scientists" in lab coats. We only got a drink here.  There is only one food item on the menu that glows, the glonut.   The cups all glowed and the atmosphere was fun. We purchased the RGB: Citrus Apple Freeze,which was refreshing though not as slushy as I had hoped. It tasted kind of like apple, it was just ok. The cost for this was $3.75

Food and Wine Festival: Flavors from Fire Booth

    I was super excited this year to see a new food booth and to see one of my favorite items from last year return. The booth area is really neat, if you haven't had a chance to experience it. On the side of the booth was a  fire sculpture made from what looked like bronze. The area had some neat sections to eat. I loved not having to resort to standing over  a trash can to enjoy my food.

 So, to eat we tried the piggy wings. This was roasted pork wings with Korean BBQ sauce and sesame seeds. These taste amazing. They had to be the best thing we ate at the festival. I wish they sold them by the dozen! The wings were $4.50 and dip snack eligible.

 The second item we purchased from the booth was the smoked corn beef with warm crispy potatoes, pickled onions and blonde ale beer fondue. For my taste, this was way too salty and I did not enjoy it at all but the hubby did finish it. This dish was $5.00 and dip snack eligible.

                                          The Piggy Wings

                                          Smoked Corned Beef

                                           You can find this booth in Future World West.

Foodie Friday- The Ganachery: S’more

On my most recent trip in Disney Springs I had to go to the Ganachery to get this s’more !

 The store is kind of small, however the smell in here makes up for it. You will see lots of chocolate items in a glass case but my only want was this s’more! I asked if they still had it and the cast member let me know it was still available. I was given a card and  told to place it on the glass window so the people behind the glass could make my s’more for me. Yes, I got to watch them make it  right before my very eyes.

 I watched as they torched my huge marshmallow and place  it between the soft graham crackers and then dust it with  mickey shaped powdered sugar on top.
     There is seating right in front of the store. The s’more was nice and warm and so amazing. The graham cracker was not the crunchy stuff we eat around the campfire but a soft almost bread like cracker with the huge toasted marshmallow and ooey gooey chocolate. I was so happy I purchased this. It is worth a walk to Disney Springs. This cost  $8.00 and worth every penny.

 Your gonna wanna grab a few napkins cause it can be messy. Your gonna love it!!!