Friday, July 21, 2017

Foodie Friday: The Polite Pig Disney Springs

      I know I get excited about food all too much, but when I saw the Polite Pig opening in Disney

Springs, I could not wait to try it out.  I  love BBQ, especially Disney BBQ.  The Polite Pig did not


 The Polite Pig is located right next to the lime garage. Once you enter, you will see an outdoor

seating area and the neatest indoor/outdoor bar. To place your order, go up to the from, then you are

given  pager like device and choose your own seat.

   When  your food is ready it is brought to you at your table.The dining area is nice and big and can

fit around 200 people inside.The feel is very industrial and rustic inside.

 Onto the food...

I like to call this upscale BBQ,as the choices are what we know as typical BBQ food,but with a twist.

 I chose the Southern Pig, this is pulled pork with mayo and mustard sauce on a bun with slaw and a pickle spear.

It was really delicious. The only bad thing here is that the sides don't come with the sandwiches. They

are discounted at $4.00 each. This meal cost $12.00

Our next choice were the St.Louis Ribs that came with slaw, roll and one side (we got sweet potato tots).

The ribs were really good, hubby did not care for the slaw and the sweet potato tots were just some

tots with cheese on top. This meal was more expensive, as expected at  $19.99

Next my daughter got a kids meal which was macaroni and cheese which came with carrot sticks and

apple juice. Basically your standard kids meal for Disney.
I tried her mac n cheese and it was very good!! She loved it too, it was more like gourmet mac and

cheese, not the box orange stuff you can get other places. The carrots were so fresh, and that dipping

sauce tasted like herbs,i t was very good.This meal was $9.00

   The soda choices here are a company called Blue Bird. One of my favorites is the orange

mango.They are all made with cane sugar which is so awesome because I can not have fake sugars.

The soda is clear and the taste is phenomenal.

 This is a wonderful addition to Disney Springs. It is different and the flavors are not like other places

found in Disney. I liked this meal better taste wise than Flame Tree in Animal Kingdom, however the

price is a little high for me so this won't be an every trip meal.

 This place is on the Disney Dining Plan and is one credit for quick serve. Check times guides for