Friday, June 9, 2017

Satu'li Canteen Review

I knew as soon as I saw pictures of Satu'li Canteen I had to try the food. It looked different and amazing.

 We waited till later in the evening to eat,since they were very busy around dinner time.We always eat at off times for meals so it was no big deal.

 We got in with just a few minute wait and got our food. To my surprise the food is served in real bowls, and you get real silverware, no plastic here!

 We got our food and sat down. There is seating indoors and out which is nice, but it was just too warm and we needed some air conditioning, so we sat inside. The atmosphere is very calming, lots of browns and tans and some neat items hanging all over the place from the ceiling.

 On to the food. I ordered Cheeseburger steamed pods, which looked like something I have gotten in China, which was cool.

These are Bao buns, which taste like extra soft bread buns stuffed with ground meat, ketchup, mustard, pickle and cheese. They were amazing. The crunchy vegetable slaw was good, but what made it even better was the boba balls. Normally you would get these in tea in China, but to see these balls in food just was amazing. The slaw and the boba popping in your mouth; the tastes just gave your mouth an explosion of goodness. Then the vegetable chips just finished it off with the nice saltiness after the sweet flavors of the slaw and boba. This, by far, was one of the best meals I have eaten at a park in Disney. The cost was $10.99

Next on the list was the Slow Roasted grilled beef bowl, which is nice because you get get to choose what you want to go with it. Hubby chose the sweet potato hash and creamy herb sauce. You can choose the base and sauce that you want.

I tasted this meal too and again, nothing short of amazing. The beef was cut so thin and perfect.The hash was amazing, the slaw and the boba, again so yummy!!! The cost was $12.99

 Ready for dessert! I knew after seeing pictures of this item that I had to have it.

It is called Blueberry cream cheese mousse, and it was amazing. I tried it together and then each color by themselves, and you want to eat the blue and yellow with the red sauce, which is passion fruit. The flavors go together so well, it's an amazing taste experience. The little kiss looking thing on top is meringue ,the yellow I think was lemon, and the blue part was blueberry. The white piece hanging off the side was white chocolate.

The blue on the outside was almost like a soft shell that held in the blueberry goodness.The cost of this wonderfully awesome dessert was $5.29

Last but not least was the drink. We chose to go with the Pandoran sunrise. It looked so refreshing and sounded pretty good. Basically it was melon flavored powerade with some tropical juices thrown in.

The cost of this drink was $4.49 and for a small 12 oz cup. I feel the price was kind of steep, but the drink was really good.

 My Satu'li Canteen experience as a whole was nothing short of amazing, I can not wait to go back and try some other things out.


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