Sunday, June 4, 2017

My Flight of Passage experience in Pandora Animal Kingdom

I was so excited, yet nervous of the Flight of Passage ride in Pandora. Not because I was scared, but
because of all the people saying how they didn't fit on the ride.  I am a Pooh size gal, and that "walk of shame" is not the most fun thing to partake in. I know the feeling all too well having visited other
theme parks.

 I will start from the beginning. Disney has put a test seat out in front of the line queue for testing the seat out. The seat is a very weird shape, you hop on a motorcycle looking seat, it reminded me of those motorcycle games you play in the arcade. The one thing I did not like was the placement of this this tester seat. It is put out in the middle of the area in front of the ride, which is where people tend to sit. So kids of course think its something to play on and I had to wait a good 10 minutes for the kids to get off so I could try the seat out. Now I did see a cast member is sometimes standing there, so maybe they just left for a few minutes, I am not sure. I decided after my hubby telling me I would be fine to just go for it, so I got in line.

 The wait time was 110 minutes at that time and we wanted to go on so badly, and because we hadn't been able to get fast passes we were willing to stand in line. The line queue starts you outside, goes up and around near the top of the mountain and you enter a cave, which was really cool. It had paintings inside of it so it gave you something to look at. After many winding turns in the cave you get to piece together the paintings and start to understand the relationship of the Banshee to the Na'vi. At least that is what I took from it.

 After the caverns you enter a room which takes on an industrial feel, and you just feel like you're in another world after a toxic mess happened.

 Then you find yourself in the bioluminescent forest, which was nice to see after the last room. Next you find yourself in a research area where you find the neatest life sizes murals of the Banshee and Na'vi on the wall. It gives you a sense of there size.

 The line keeps going and you're now in a laboratory. It's really neat how it wraps around the
line and gives you so much to look at while waiting. You get to the point where you will see a life
sized Avatar floating in water. The sight of this is just amazing when you see the actual size of these
creatures.The realness of seeing this was nothing short of breathtaking. He looked so real, it was hard to move away. I found myself just staring. Many others were taking pictures and videos, but
I didn't want to move.

 Next you are moving through what, to me, looked like a subway tunnel, but it was a long hallway. Almost there....

 Next you were taken to a room where it is explained about how you will be linking to an avatar. After that you're in another room where you are broken up into groups. Finally 16 people in line are then again broken into 8 per room.

 You then are handed your flight glasses, and told to store all our gear (sunglasses, bags, purses, etc) on the back wall. It has little areas that you place all your items in to keep them safe.

 You then mount the bike (link chair), and pull yourself up. There restraints will go up behind your
back. This is where, if you are pooh sized, you're gonna wanna pull yourself all the way up as far as you can and arch your back as far as you can. Then the leg restraints go up. They kind of sit behind your calves. I myself had plenty of room in the calf area, but let's just say I had no breathing room in the tummy area.

I was just so happy to fit on, I didn't care about breathing.

 So, glasses on I am ready to go! You will start to feel the animal breath, which is the weirdest thing to feel. The screen in front of you is kind of close, and looks 4k and 3-d. The best way I can describe
this ride is if you took Soarin' and Star Tours, and they had a baby, this would be it. The feeling you have flying on the Banshee is nothing like I have ever experienced,you will feel every twist and turn,even doing a barrel roll at one point.The wind,the water, the smells,yes, this ride has smells!!! The feeling of flying is so smooth, it was so real, you're gonna wanna hang on to the the handles.You go through the mountains of Pandora, the ocean, and finally the beautiful world of Pandora. You get to see Na'vi and other creatures, especially one very large one in the ocean then in the end where you safely land on a perch and the ride is over.

 It was nothing short of amazing. When the ride ended, I didn't want to leave. I literally cried, it was
that amazing!!!

 The only downfall to this experience is certain people of size at this time will not be able to
experience it. I am hoping Disney has some kind of plans for making this ride easy for all to ride,
because I would want everyone to experience the awesomeness of it all. So, for those of you planning on going on the ride, just go for it! I didn't think I would fit, but I did, and I am so happy I chose to go on instead of sitting this one out. Best of luck to ya'll.

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  1. Indeed its an awesome place to visit. Once in there, you dont want to leave. Thanks for explaining the ride and taking us through it. Glad that you also shared the pics with us.