Saturday, May 13, 2017

Flower and Garden Festival Bauernmarkt

We stopped at the Bauernmarkt Farmer's Market located in Germany. This is always one of my favorite stops as it is the place for my favorite beer. We ordered 2 items from this menu.The Potato Pancakes and Warm Cheese Strudel.

The potato pancakes were pretty amazing. They had house made apple sauce on top of them; ,you can see the thickness of it. Always a favorite of mine. Cost 3.75 DDP snack eligible is listed as vegetarian.

 Next was the Warm cheese strudel with mixed berries. The strudel itself was really good, but I did not enjoy the sauce that the berries were in. I still ate the strudel though, and hubby finished the rest. Cost was 4.00 and is DDP snack eligible


  1. I’m going to be visiting the local farmers market in my locality soon and although the delicacies will be different, I’m hoping to at least find pancakes as good as the ones in the pictures!