Wednesday, March 8, 2017

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Mickey Ketchup

 Disney Cruise Food

          Disney food. There is nothing like it anywhere else. If you leave any meal hungry, it is now one's fault but your own. Every meal can be all you can eat, if you don't get enough!
Disney Mac n Cheese

I am just like a kid, I love mac n cheese. I literally had some form of mac n cheese every single day on our cruise. It was on the buffet and I requested it every night for dinner, either as part of my entree or my appetizer.  I am a mac n cheese connoisseur and this is good stuff. One night they even had mac n cheese soup! 
Mac n Cheese Soup
No matter what your style of eating or the fare you prefer, you can find it on a Disney cruise. Appetizers at every evening meal with a salad if you want and then a huge entree and finish it up with dessert.

Lobster Ravioli Appetizer
Lettuce Wedge with Tomatoes and Croutons

Birthday Celebration Chocolate Dessert
The main entrees feature everything from steak to chicken or fish and various vegetarian entrees. Gluten free is also available upon request. Everything that anyone in my family of 7 tried, we liked. Did you know if you like something a lot, you can request it again? YEP! And you can also have things brought in from other restaurants.

    My favorite part of every meal was dessert. We had so many options to choose from that we all got something different and shared. Don't like whats on the menu? Mickey bars are always an option. You can also have them delivered to your too via room service for a late night snack.

Dessert Trio

Chocolate Soup

Chocolate Dessert Trio

Another Chocolate Dessert Trio


What was your favorite food on your Disney cruise? Share with us!


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  2. Yeah! Right... It is not a good habbit to leave the food in the plate. Because the food you wast could might fill the empty stomach of a poor man.

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