Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Flame Tree Barbecue at Animal Kingdom

     Flame Tree Barbecue is a quick service restaurant located in Disney's Animal Kingdom and it is one of my go to places every time I am there.

    The restaurant can be found on your way to Dinoland U.S.A.  If it is after 11 A.M., you will be able to smell the yumminess. The scent of barbecue fills the air !

    I have been eating at Flame Tree since it opened. If you love a good southern barbecue meal, you will definitely enjoy the change of pace if you are tired of burgers and nuggets that many of the other quick service restaurants offer.

   Flame Tree is a very popular lunch spot at Animal Kingdom. After you order,and receive your meal,  there is seating to the left side. There is seating under shade or out in the sun, if it's a nice day. There is also a reflecting pool you can sit by or you can even sit by the actual location that the River of Lights show will be taking place.  Be sure to take a look around and notice the carvings all over of the circle of life. While seated, you may have the occasional part wildlife come near you.  Birds and ducks like to visit from time to time.  Don't worry as they are harmless, just don't feed them!

   At first bite of Flame Tree food, you'll be hooked.  The ribs are so good, with a delicious dry rub. You can  add your own wet sauce yourself, so you just as you like. The chicken is also good but my favorite is the pulled pork. All of the meat is smoked.

   The side dishes are fair but not outstanding. The coleslaw is vinegar based and the beans have gone down hill since opening but are still good. Another menu item is  the cheese fries, they are not the best either since Disney has gotten rid of the liquid cheese sauce. Alcohol is also served here. If you enjoy beer, be sure to get some Safari Amber. It is  specially brewed for Animal Kingdom.

  The menu, as you can figure, is mostly all barbecue items There are 4 different kids meal choices priced around $6.  Most meal prices are in the $10.00 to $20.00 range depending on what you have.  This is definitely a place for meat lovers, so if your into to chicken, ribs and pork you are going to want to stop by.

 Through the many years item choices have changes slightly. The item I miss the most is the signature barbecue sauce they used to have which has now been taken over by a commercial brand.

   The service is always great and the scenery is always beautiful. Sit back, take a peaceful break and  enjoy a delicious lunch.

   Have you enjoyed lunch at Flame Tree? Whats your favorite item to munch on? Let us know!


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