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Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing the creator of Mouse Mingle, Dave Tavres. What is MouseMingle you ask? From their website: MouseMingle.com is the place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship. I mean, who doesn't want that?! The site is similar to other dating sites with profiles, photos, compatibility questions etc... With a Disney fan twist. You can find out a person's "Disney Fan Level", "Home Park", "Touring style"... I mean, how great is that?! Whether you're looking for a new friend, a "Park Pal" or something more, as Disney Fans, these are important questions! Without further ado... I give you the creator of MouseMingle.com, Mr. Dave Tavres!   

*HINT* Be sure to read all the way to the end of the article!

What inspired you to create MouseMingle?  
My inspiration really came from other dating sites not having search options to find someone who loves Disneyland the way I do. As a geek, it was a pretty easy next step to create a site for other Disney fans like me.

I assume you're a "Disney Fan" yourself. What started your passion for Disney? Do you have a favorite Disney Park or Ride?
Yeah, my 'Disney nerd-level' is through the roof :) I was a history Tour Guide at Disneyland, then became a locomotive engineer. I also volunteered at Walt Disney's Barn in Burbank for many years. I have always been a HUGE Walt Disney fan, so I've studied a lot about him. I've been to Walt’s hometown of Marceline twice - I love the people there, and I love the town.
I grew up in SoCal, so as kids, my little sister and I were often used as excuses to go to Disneyland by the “grownups”. As an adult, I love the history of the Park, and how Walt created it.
Being a train geek and former locomotive engineer, the Disneyland Railroad is my favorite. It's relaxing, historic, you get the perfect opportunity to people watch. I just love being in Disneyland. I really feel the magic once I'm 'inside the berm'... it really is a happy place to be.

When was it launched?
MouseMingle opened on December 1st, 2015. I honestly had no idea it would explode the next day when Conan O'brien mentioned it on his late night show. And when it was mentioned during The Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, the site went really crazy!

Other than the "Disney themed questions," is there anything else that sets Mouse Mingle apart from other "traditional" sites?
Yes - it's really about the strong emotional connection that people have with Disney. When you start out with a common passion that's more than just an interest, it's easier to connect with someone else. The reason MouseMingle is so great, is because you KNOW that someone who has filled out more than the required questions also loves Disney.

Approximately how many members are there?

There are currently tens of thousands of profiles, with most people in the US, but there are people from around the globe on the site daily. I'm excited to say that we plan to expand the site to accommodate French and Japanese speaking users, hopefully this year, to reach fans near Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland.

What is the ratio of male to female members?
The ratio right now is about 2 women for every 1 man.

What factors go into the algorithm that produces "matches" (How are people matched? Do you use only the Disney info or the other general factors as well. Is there a different "weight" given to one area over the other or equal weight to both?)
Right now the algorithm matches mostly on the basic questions, which people find more useful. When someone is matched on those basics, then they can look at someone's profile to learn more of the fun stuff - like whether they prefer to people watch when they go to a Park, or if they love every Pixar movie ever made. You can tell a lot about someone based on their profile.

Can you share any member success stories?
A lot of people have written in saying that they have found their Prince or Princess. And right now we know about two engagements. We'll share more about those when the time is right... But in general, the people who have written in about finding someone who they connect with so well is actually pretty emotional. I always hoped people would connect, but some of the messages from people really do feel like a dream come true. I've teared up many times reading those messages.

Do you have any tips for getting the most out of a Mouse Mingle membership?
Yes... SEND WINKS! And, fill out your profile! Almost every email I have received from people who have met someone has said that it all started with a wink. And everyone can send winks. Don't be shy…if someone you think could be interesting sends you a wink, wink back! It's an easy gesture that could lead to something wonderful.

What is the cost of a full membership?
It's free to create a profile and send winks and just look around. When you find someone you want to connect with, it's $12.55 a month, and there's no contract, so you can cancel it anytime.
Members have relayed that when someone says "I'm not a full member", it just looks... tacky, and probably means they aren't serious about making a connection with someone. Whether you're looking for a Park Pal, or a friendship with someone who loves Disney, upgrading is worth it - as long as you send some messages and reach out to people.
Safety is a concern for online dating in general. Are there any safety protocols in place for members such as blocking/reporting etc? Do you have any safety tips for your members?
Yes, the first and most important thing is - don't share personal information. Just like Disney, we just want your first name on your name tag. And don't post your contact or social media info, or it's easy for people who you may not be interested in, to track you down. Disney fan or not, YOU control who contacts you and how. We also ask users to PLEASE, use the "Report / Flag" feature - we need everyone's help to make sure the site is safe.

Thank you for your time, is there anything else you'd like to tell us or share with our readers?
It was a pleasure, thanks :) I'm very happy that people want MouseMingle - but I also hear a lot of people who aren't sure about it... I always tell them to take a chance. Disney is fun and light. You don't have to join the site with marriage in mind - just create a profile and have fun answering the questions, then keep checking back - new people join the site every day, and it will only get better when we release the new mobile apps in the coming months.

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