Friday, January 16, 2015

Kingdom Hearts, The Ultimate Disney Game

            So I’ve been wanting to write an article on the subject of the video game series known as Kingdom Hearts for quite some time now. I know some people will probably just scroll passed this because, hey, it’s a video game. But nevertheless, I shall write about this glorious series and just how much it’s gotten me through over the last few years.

            Some people may look at this and think, what is Kingdom Hearts? Well for those of you who have never heard of it, it is a game that came out back in 2002. The game takes place in a multiple variety of Disney themed lands, or worlds as their known as in the game. The story follows a boy named Sora, who is chosen to wield a magical weapon known as a Keyblade to defend the light and stop the growing threat of Heartless (monsters that form from the darkness in people’s hearts) from swallowing each world into darkness.

            At the beginning of the game, Sora lives a pretty normal life with his best friends, Riku and Kairi, on the Destiny Islands (rearrange that and you get it’s Disneyland!). The three friends long for the day they can get off the islands and explore the outside world. However, they become separated when a massive storm hits their home and swallows up the island in Darkness.

            Sora then wakes up in a temporary world known as Traverse Town, where he meets Donald and Goofy who have been sent by the King (aka Mickey) to find the one with the Key. They join together to save the worlds from the villain of the first game, Ansem the Seeker of Darkness and to find Riku and Kairi.

            I’ll stop with the spoilers there. But I thought since the Kingdom Hearts 2.5 remix has recently come out, I’d write this article to express my love for this amazing game. I discovered the series myself back in 2008 when the first Nintendo DS game, 358/2 Days (three five over two days) was released. I’d wanted to play the games since 2002, but I’d never gotten the chance to buy the game because I never owned a Play Station 2, the console that first housed this beautiful piece of art.

            Being confused by the story at the odd place I jumped in, I began learning more of the games by watching walkthroughs on Youtube. In 2008 I was still having a lot of problems with my house burning down and being sick, so I needed as many distractions from life as I could get and Kingdom Hearts was one of those things. As cheesy as it sounds, it taught me that in the darkest of darkness, there would always be a little bit of light to get you through it.

            Now that I’m older, I actually have played a few of the current releases and I’ve beaten the 2009 release Birth By Sleep once. Gameplay wise, my favorites were Kingdom Hearts 2, Birth by Sleep and the 2012 title Dream Drop Distance. For me, those were kind of hard to beat. The upcoming title, Kingdom Hearts 3 (no release date yet) going to have to seriously trump Kingdom Hearts 2 for me. I genuinely loved that game for the story and what Gameplay I got to do of it (I was borrowing a friend’s console and needed to give it back so I never completed the game).

            For any gamers out there who read this, I recommend playing the games if you have not experienced them personally. The story, though a tad on the confusing side, is absolutely beautiful in my eyes and the game is really fun to play.

            Well, I believe that’s all I have to say on the subject. Thanks for reading!

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