Thursday, January 29, 2015

Foodie Friday: Treats in The World Showcase: Japan

Every time we go to Epcot, I have to go into Mitsukoshi Dept store in Japan. It is one of my favorite stops, the Japanese items are nice, and the anime is cool, but I go for the candy!

 Japan has a unique array of fun foods and they are very budget friendly too! So, for just a buck or two you can enjoy something like rice candy where you actually eat the wrappers.

 I am starting to get more daring with the choices I make, I always look for the new items each time I go. So, this last trip we got a few things to try out and they were all very yummy.

 So first was Jelly candy. I usually always have to pick up a bag of jelly candy as my hubby and kids go crazy over it. This time they had the jellies in a brick form instead of in a small cup, so I got those for only 2.99 for 10 small pieces. You peel out the outer plastic layer, the next layer is rice paper, so you eat the second wrapper, and enjoy the jelly. The flavor we chose was strawberry.  It was pretty good.

 Next we picked up Tohato wheat crackers, which are a Japanese cookie. These are packed in packs of 4 and are super thin and buttery. They reminded me a lot of a town house cracker, but thinner and lighter. These were a great deal at only 3.49.

 Next was Calbee Bean snack. These are sometimes in small bags, and come in 4 single serve bags, which is great for sharing. They are only 3.29. These tasted like the veggie chips I get in the grocery store. They were shaped in tiny little hearts,and were super light and a perfect small snack.

 The last thing we picked up this trip was something called Cream Collon They are a wheat cracker, and have cream inside them. They are just like a combo to me, they had that same feel to them. They were stuffed with some form of vanilla cream, again super light, and yummy.These were only 2.99 a box.

 For the hot times don't forget outside in the small kiosk, they sell ice pops that are only 2.00, Perfect for the smaller kiddies.

So, if you're in the mood for some fun snacks, don't just walk on by Mitsukoshi while in Epcot's Japan.

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