Thursday, January 15, 2015

Book review: Faith and the Magic Kingdom

*I was given free product to review. These are my own thoughts and opinions.*

   I was lucky enough to have received a book called Faith and the Magic Kingdom by Randy Crane, and couldn't put it down. I could go back and re read again and again. This book has so many details in it.  I would read a bit and then let it sink in, then go back read some more. It's about 10 chapters long. Some nights I would re read previous chapters to get a better grasp, other nights I would read a few new chapters.

    This book should be called "The Perfect Bible Study for Disney Fans". It is an amazing book that takes you to your favorite Magic Kingdom areas, rides and more but also pairs each to a Bible scripture and/or a story.

    One of my favorite things in the book was about Castmembers. As you may know Disney does not just hire anybody, they have to be "chosen". Well, Randy, in this book took that and showed how God's people are chosen people too. I could not stop smiling while reading. When you can take somewhere so fun and happy and use that as a teaching tool for your walk with God, there is nothing better. The best of both worlds.

   This book takes you from the entrance of Main Street to the exit and doesn't leave a thing out. It has renewed my spirit and last week while at Disney I remembered each thing and the stories that  came back to my mind and it just reminded me even more of God's purpose and the plan He has for each one of us. It is filled with scriptures and even devotionals.

    I can not say anything bad about this book, as it's almost not like a book. It's more of an experience. At the end of each chapter there is a question for you to ponder. This would make a great teaching tool for kids' church or the teens, and yes, even adults.

 Randy Crane has taken my favorite place in the world and made it even more like heaven on earth.

{Editor's Note: For more information on this unique book and the author go to: There is also a link to the Facebook page there.}

*I was given free product to review. These are my own thoughts and opinions.*

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