Wednesday, December 31, 2014

It’s Me! Great, Who are You Again?

Since I have the great privilege of contributing some future articles I thought it only fitting to introduce myself a bit and give you an idea of where I came from, where I am now, and where I hope to be as I move forward.  My name is Michael Black and  I grew up from humble beginnings in a small town in Ohio called Chillicothe.  Ok, ok this isn’t going to be one of those posts where at the end you’re like gee grandpa thanks for the story.  At least I hope not!  Seriously though I am originally from Ohio and moved to Central Florida (Clermont and then Davenport to be exact) in January of 2012.  Since then life has been a rollercoaster... who am I kidding my life has always been a rollercoaster, which is funny because I can’t stand rollercoasters.

When arriving in Florida it was like a dream fulfilled. We now lived just minutes away from our “happy place”, Walt Disney World.  We were quickly hit with a reality check because living near the “magic” 24/7 is quite different than coming down for a week on vacation.  Vacations are a time to escape reality and leave your worries at home.  We were now in the unique position to have to mix reality with the “magic.”  This became even more true when both my wife and I became Cast Members at Walt Disney World.  My wife was a CM at The Grand Floridian and I have held positions in Frontierland at Magic Kingdom selling turkey legs and churros, at Port Orleans French Quarter making beignets at Sassagoula Floatworks, and most recently back at Magic Kingdom on Main Street East and The Confectionery embroidering Mickey Ear Hats and making Mickey Caramel Apples.  I have also held positions temporarily at SeaWorld as a merchandise team member and Universal Studios Orlando as a greeter and pourer of Butterbeer at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Hogsmeade, at The Three Broomsticks.  You could say that I have made my rounds through the theme parks and pretty much had a fantasy camp of experiences any theme park enthusiast would enjoy.  The problem with these experiences is that reality enters the picture far too often.  These jobs are not really meant for 36 year old men with a wife and children.  I rarely was able to be around my family due to the schedule, and the pay was, well, not the driving reason for working there.  But I digress, all of these jobs have given me a unique perspective behind the scenes and the ability to compare these experiences against each other.  These comparisons are of course all based on my experiences and opinion but are made with some authority.

I am now a stay-home-dad/husband/blogger and also have my Florida real estate license.  In the upcoming months I hope to start my career as a real estate agent as well as pursue my passion of blogging and sharing tips, tricks, and stories that we have encountered since living in Central Florida.  I think that the two could merge very well as I would be able to really meet the needs of a client who is a Disney fan and is looking to make a move to Central Florida.  Having a Disney fanatic as your real estate agent could make things easier when looking for a home.  Who else would you feel comfortable asking how long the commute would be from “house to mouse” or if you could see fireworks from your home? 

I would like to thank all of you for your warm welcome into the world of Addicted 2 Mickey and I hope to contribute some amazing content that you all will enjoy!

I would like to leave you with a quick exchange that I had one day as a cast member in Frontierland.  I was approached by three teenage girls who asked me “How do you become a Princess?”  Always being in character I stated without hesitation and in quite a dumbfounded manner, “Well, you either have to be born one or marry a prince.  Since you asked me how to become one I will assume that you were not born a princess, so I would start looking for your prince.”  They chuckled and walked away.  These are the types of interactions that I will always remember as a cast member and they are the interactions that keep me coming back as a guest.  Walt Disney World is a show and everyone plays a role, even us, as guest!

Some other places you can find me is at my blog Heart of the Magic  and over at Passport to the Parks and Theme Park Local

See ya’ real soon!

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