Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Into the Woods: Movie Review

Photo courtesy of Disney

On Christmas Day the kiddos and I watched Disney's Into the Woods! I had never seen the Broadway show and was going in with no knowledge of the show at all! I love musicals and Disney so I was very excited! The film is basically the story of a baker and his wife who are childless, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Jack from Jack and the bean stock. They are all venturing into the woods for different reasons and are all connected because the baker and his wife are trying to collect items from all of them because a witch has told them if they do, she will reverse a curse and they will be able to have children! We all feel like we know these stories but this film really twists what you think you know and does it all with song! Along the way we meet Rapunzel, Prince Charming and his brother, Cinderella's evil stepmother and sisters and of course the wolf! The second half of the film focuses on what happens after "Happily Ever After" and it turns out it isn't always so happy and sometimes what you wished for, isn't really what you got at all! The movie is a bit long for those who don't love musicals and it is all basically musical. The acting is right on, everyone is perfect in their role! Johnny Depp is the wolf, and while he does a great job and steals his scene, this is not his movie, his role is very small. I thought that Chris Pine completely stole the movie as Prince Charming! This is not your regular Prince Charming, he is very handsome and kind but also a playboy! His song "Agony" with his brother is my favorite from the whole movie! "Into the Woods" and "The Last Midnight" are also such amazing songs and my kiddos actually loved the song "It's Your Fault!" If you enjoy "Once upon a Time" and "Malificent" putting new twists in classic story tales then you will really enjoy "Into the Woods". 

Remember basically all singing, sarcastic fun, dark moments (think toes being cut off to fit in a slipper, cheating and death) and not much Johnny Depp! Meryl Steep does a fantastic job and is so good you forget how great of an actress she is! Emily Blunt can sing!! My kiddos are 12, 10 and 6 and have been singing the soundtrack since we left the movie, so depending on your kiddos, they may love it! I did read about the play after and viewing the screen version. If you have seen it be prepared for a few changes! I give the file two very enthusiastic Mickey gloves up!

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