Monday, September 29, 2014

The Basin in Downtown Disney

Basin in Downtown Disney is a must do if you love to pamper yourself.

 For those of you that have never been, or have no clue what Basin is, it is a bath and body store. This is my go to store every time we go to Disney! The first thing everyone should do is try out the salt and sugar scrubs. Basin has a new refreshed look with more sinks, so now 8 people can enjoy the scrubs at a time. This is free to try and your hands will love you for it.

 This store has everything to pamper yourself from soaps, to bath bombs, to hair bars, lip balm, bath salts, milk bath, body butter, even fresh facials. You name it they have it.

 I have tried many of the products out myself, and I have to say they totally rock! My favorite thing is the hair bars. They cost about 8 dollars, but no shampoo I have ever used can even compare to what these things do to my hair; they are amazing!

 The great thing is these soaps and products contain no chemicals which means no parabens or alcohol, which is good to know.

 These make awesome souvenirs too! You can make your own mix of bath salts, bath bombs. A great tip I have learned is if you're not sure about the whole soap thing, in the back corner area is cut soap in a bag at a huge discount, and you get 2-4 pieces of different kinds of soap!

Sample soap cuts.

 Also, don't forget if you're an Annual Passholder or DVC owner you get a discount here.

 Basin is located near The World of Disney, next to Ghirardellis. Don't forget to stop in there to get your free piece of chocolate!

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