Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fort Wilderness Campground Review

            The Fort Wilderness Campground is my family’s favorite place to stay whenever we visit Walt Disney World. We’ve been staying there since I was about nine years old, so we basically know the ins and outs of this resort. This is an awesome place to stay for families, or even just couples. There is so much to do there that some people don’t even go to the parks. Some stay there just to camp for a week. I’ve also seen people who are constant residents to the campground. We have seen some of the same RV’s every year we go.

            The campground also offers different types of camping, from tent camping to RV’s. And if you aren’t into the whole idea of pitching a tent or having to hook up an RV, the campground offers cabins to stay in. Personally, I’ve never stayed in one of the cabins but I have seen what they look like and they are incredibly nice. Almost like a home away from home.

            Fort Wilderness Campground is also very, and I mean very, large. When you check in, the Cast Members give you a map to help you navigate your way through. Also, it is split up into three different routes; Purple, Orange, and Yellow. There are also buses that run throughout the campground to pick up campers and take them to the bus stop at the front of the resort or to the Outpost (located towards the back) where the boats are there to take you to the Magic Kingdom or the Wilderness Lodge. Some people don’t bother using the bus system and rent golf carts for the week. You’ll also see people riding their bikes to the boat dock or the bus station.

            The activities at Fort Wilderness range from carriage rides, to swimming, to even renting a boat for the day. I’ve even seen people take a segway tour for entertainment. There is even horseback riding.

            There are two special things that I myself have never done, but I’ve heard are a must do. One of them is the nightly campfire with Chip and Dale (if weather permits). This is something I would like to do if I wasn’t such a park junky and had to close the parks down each night. However, my dad and my littler sister have done this back when she was still little and tired out at the parks easily. From what I’ve heard from them, the campfire is incredibly fun for everyone, and they show movies.

            Another thing to check out at the campground is the Hoop-Dee-Doo-Revue. So this is something no one in my family has done, but I hear it’s an absolute blast. I’ve even checked it out on Youtube to see what it’s like (like I I do with most attractions I haven’t gotten the chance to check out, or that I just really miss) and it looked like so much fun from my point of view. I mean, family style dinner and music! What more could a person want?

            Staying at the campground has a few other perks as well. There is a doggy spa for your pets if you brought them.

            You can also watch the nighttime spectacular known as Wishes from the beach. And guess what else? They play the music so you can get the full experience without having to stand in the crowded park.

            The possibilities are absolutely endless. And it’s a fun and affordable place to stay. Overall, it’s gets ten out of ten mouse ears in my opinion.

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