Friday, August 22, 2014

Foodie Friday:

Hey everyone!  So when my family goes to Disney we love to eat like everyone else, but we don’t go crazy for restaurants, we go crazy for the snacks!  Yes we love to eat at Blue Bayou in Disneyland and went crazy for Be our Guest in WDW at the Magic Kingdom, but the little snack stands are where we will be found!  My son is a turkey leg fanatic, I am going to be honest that watching him eat it makes me a little ill and I have to turn away.  

He also loves himself a good beef shank from the Magic Kingdom. I can’t wait to get a Mickey Pretzel and have to fight off my children to get more than one ear, oh and trust me, I do throw down with them for that ear!!  And the popcorn, I mean is there any better popcorn than at Disney??  No, the answer is no!  It is perfectly salted and buttered, like it was popped in heaven and then sent down to Disney on a cloud!

  On our last visit to Disneyland we discovered these new pretzel twist things and I about died because I forced so many down my throat; but it was worth it, I mean death by amazing pretzel twist, who could be mad at that!  

My favorite thing at Disneyland to eat is clam chowder in a bread bowl. Now I have had my share of bread bowls, from Monterey, San Francisco, I mean... I am basically a Clam Chowder bread bowl aficionado, it's ok to be jealous!!  But my favorite is near Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, they also offer gumbo in a bread bowl but I couldn't not get clam chowder and try anything else.  I am pretty sure this clam chowder is made by Disney angels with all the love  and maybe some Mickey tears thrown in, I mean I can’t understand any other reason why this clam chowder is so good, but I will take it, and I do, at least three times a visit!  

Also my favorite drink is hot chocolate, no not from Starbucks, from the little carts, in a travel mug.  Yes I know it is just powder hot chocolate, but you know what, it’s the best!! 

So now that I have told you why I come home weighing about 100 pounds more than when I first get to Disney, you tell me, what’s your favorite snack to make a meal??? 

Mickey hugs and kisses!  

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  1. You totally forgot about the awesome and huge cookies sold at Marcelines! The raspberry white chocolate one.... gawwww. So good!