Monday, August 18, 2014

                DISNEYLAND'S HAUNTED MANSION         

Forty-five years ago Disneyland opened a new attraction to it's Magic Kingdom.... The Haunted Mansion.  A majestic old plantation of a home surrounded by wrought iron fencing with its own graveyard in the back occupied with 999 Grinning Ghosts just waiting for guests who were "dying" to drop in and take a ride in a "doom buggy" built for two.  

Upon entering the foyer a somber maid or butler greets each guest and leads them to a "room without windows or doors" which mysteriously stretches down to an area where your "doom buggy" awaits.  Your tour of goblins, ghouls and ghosts begins here - winding you through hallways and rooms full of hauntings every where you go. 

During the Halloween Season the home of the 999 grinning ghosts gets all "decked out" in its holiday finest.  Combing Halloween & Christmas all in one!  In the background the most haunting holiday music can be heard luring guests to its haunted halls.  If you are lucky enough you may even encounter a quick visit with The Pumpkin King himself - Jack Skellington.  If the ghosts and ghouls are smiling on you Sally may appear along with Jack!

One word of advice - be careful of hitch-hiking ghosts..... One May Follow You Home!!!!

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