Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who's Who ~ Brigitte Fagan-O'Connor

Hello fellow Disney lovers! My name is Brigitte, I'm 36 years old and married to a wonderful, fellow Disney lover named Rich.  The first time he met my family they asked him only one question, do you love Disney? He passed with flying colors!  We have two children a Son, Christopher who is 3 and a daughter Lily, 3 months old.  My first trip to Walt Disney World was with my grandparents at the age of 10. I was hooked for life.  I vividly remember watching the fireworks the last night and crying my eyes out.  I knew I had to get back to this magical place.  My next visit was to Disneyland when I was 15 and to date has been my only trip there.  We are hoping to change that in 4 years for my 40th birthday.  I would love to get back to where it all started.  Since the age of 20 I have been to Disney almost every year.  I love all things about a trip.  The planning is actually one of my favorite parts. I love mapping out our days and making ADR's.  We often go with our extended families. My son's first trip was when he was 20 months old and we went with 13 people. I am usually the one in charge of the planning.  I love reading all the blogs and message boards to keep up to date with all the new things in the world.  Our next trip is planned for this coming October it will be our daughter's first and our son's third.  I look forward to sharing all the excitement with you leading up to our next trip.  

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