Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Surviving Disney in the Heat

I will be honest,  anything outside in the heat is not fun for me. But as a passholder we are in Disney even in the heat. Lots of you will be heading to Disney in the summer when it is really hot and humid. Some people do not realize how hot and humid it gets, and you can get burned even on a cloudy day in February here.

 So, how do you deal with the heat? I have some cool tips to share with you about how my family survives, and still has fun.

 Now you may be getting ready to pack for your trip, and saying what do I need to bring with us? First of all your clothing choices: bring light colored, loose fitting clothes. There is nothing hotter than wearing a black shirt in the Florida sun, you will melt.

 Sunglasses, make sure you bring them.You can pick them up in the park for $20.00 plus dollars, but just bring them with you.

 A nice hat, it will keep the sun off of your face and keep you cooler.

 Ladies, skip the make up and big hair. It's just not worth it to be a melted Barbie in just a few minutes. Bring some powder and freshen up if you need to.

 Bring your bathing suits, you're gonna want to get wet!!

 Don't forget about the kiddies too. Babies need hats and sunglasses if they will wear them. Fan for the baby in a stroller.You can find these in stores at home, or pick up a really cute Mickey mouse one in Disney. My toddler loved his.

 Mister fans, you can pick them up at stores pretty cheap, they are containers that hold water and they spray water with a fan attached to them. They feel so good!!

 For the stroller, you can pick up a shade, or a shade extender. The ones on most stroller do not block the kids' little legs and feet.

 Bring the baby or children their bathing suits. In each park they have small water areas that you can have fun and cool off in.

 Now that packing is done, onto the park plans.

 It really gets the hottest from 11am - 3pm, so you want to make sure to get up early. I know your're on vacation, but you will thank yourself later.

 Get to the parks early and leave for lunch.The best and most refreshing thing is to go back to your hotel and go in the pool, then a good nap.

If all else fails... Dole Whip will cool you down!

Next is sunscreen; you will want to bathe in it! Short of that, put it on at least half an hour before you go out and reapply after getting wet in a water play area or every 2 hours or so.

Stay hydrated, stay away from the soda and alcohol, it will only make you hotter. Drink water, you can get free ice water and most counter service places for free!

 Try to keep Animal Kingdom on your coolest day. For some reason this park seems hotter than any other.

 If you just can't deal with the heat get out of it, go see a show, go on a air conditioned ride, go to Disney Quest, or go eat inside.

 If you have a baby or small child you can go into one of the childcare stations and relax for a bit. Let the kids out of their stroller; remember, they get hot too!

 You can still have fun in Disney in the heat. Take breaks, it's just too much for people, especially kids; they get super cranky.

 One of the biggest "no noes" I have seen is please, as much as the child wants to wear a hot and scratchy princess dress, save it for later on in the evening, or if you're doing a character breakfast bring a change of clothes for them. I have seen 99% of kids crying and complaining about sweating and being uncomfortable and having a breakdown right in the middle of Main street.

If you take some of the tips, or all of them, you too can have a magical time even in the heat!

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