Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Frozen Summer Fun Review

On Saturday July 5th, we entered the park at 8:30am due to early extra magic hours for resort guests.  Our first mission was to pick up our traveling Olaf and head straight to the Wandering Oaken's Frozen Funland.  You can pick up your take-along Olaf at a few different locations.  The front gates by the maps, the Premier theater, Sorcerer Hat and or accross from Wandering Oakens Frozen Funland.  Olaf is super cute and has the Frozen characters autographs on the back.  Throughout the day # your photos on social media #OlafSummerVacation and your picture may make an apperance in the Frozen Fireworks Spectacular show! 

We took a few photos with Olaf on the way to the Funland.  The Funland is located in the back to the left of Toy Story Mania in Sound Stage 1.   There were two lines formed when we arrived one for the Funland and the other was for guest that only wanted to visit the Wandering Oaken's Trading Post. (gift shop)  Our girls were ready for some fun in the snow and our 6 year old was so excited to ice skate so we hopped in the Funland line.  There were a couple of scene setters located outside the building.  If there is a cast member with a tripod camera they are capable of doing magical shots.  There are a few Frozen magical shots available.  We had a 15 minute wait before they opened up the doors I sent my wonderful husband down to the Premier Theater to grab tickets to the 12:30 Sing-Along show.  All he needed was everyones magic bands to pick up tickets for our group.  I am a huge fan of multitasking! The Premier Theater is located between Phineas and Ferb meet and greet and Lights, Motors, Action.

Just as he returns with our tickets for the 12:30 sing-along the door opens up to the Frozen Funland.  We were in the first group of people to be let in.  So exciting!!!

Right off the bat on the right hand side there are fun Frozen photo opps where magical Frozen shots can be taken.  You can choose to do this or bypass it and head either to Do You Want to Build a Snowman, ice skaiting and or try a yummy treat at Wandering Oaken's treat stand.  The girls wanted to ice-skate first.  We signed liability waivers while waiting in line and the cost per guest is $10.  They provide skates, long socks if wanted but not a must and the helmet given is required. The smallest size skate is a toddler size 9. Womans skates run small I wear a 9 but the 8 fit perfect.  As our turn approached an announcement was made that the 9:30-10:30am skate was full.  So we stayed in line and prepaid for our skates and were given the option to choose our skate hour.  We picked 1:30-2:30 and we were asked to return around 1:00pm.  A wrist band was then placed tightly on our wrist making sure there was no room to slip it off and give it to someone else.  The ice skating sessions are 30 minutes on the rink then they clean the ice.  Stick around because there is an ice skating performance after each hour block.  Don't forget to smile for the photo pass photographers that are taking action shots while you skate.  When we returned at 1:00pm we were able to enter through a back door and avoid the line.  There was plenty of cubbies to keep your shoes and non valuable items in while you skated.  You also have the option of returning your long socks or keeping them.  They do not reuse or wash the socks they are donated to homeless shelters. 

We headed over to the snow play area and waited our turn to build a snowman.  Groups of 30 people get 10 minutes on the ice/snow and they quickly rake it flat after each group.  The girls loved this!!! Shovels, buckets and castle molds are available to play with.  

When our time was up it was around 10:20am and I knew the crowds for the 11:00am Anna and Elsa's royal welcome were forming outside.  On the way out we found a hidden mickey and a fun door in the gift shop, which was crazy, crazy packed like black Friday.  Most guests had plush toys, barbie dolls and Animator dolls in their hands.  As much as I wanted to stay and window shop I left the hubs in there and off to find a parade spot the girls and I went.

 There was not a slither of a spot left for front row curb seating when we got to the the hat.  Plenty of VIP seating roped off for the guests that purchased the premium package in advance. ( Adults $59, Children $34).  We found a front row spot across from American Idol which ended up working out great because it was right in front of the jumbo screen where the stage was on live feed.  Just before the welcome took place a surprise Let it Go sing along started. (Amazing)  Anna and Elsa came down Hollywood Blvd starting from the park entrance making their way to the hat where the procession stops for a formal welcome on the stage which lasted a few minutes; then they hop back in the sleigh and the parade proceeds the rest of the way.

The Royal welcome was awesome!!  We had about an hour before we needed to head to the Sing-Along so we grabbed quick service at ABC Commissary, it was close by and fast. (We are only here a half day this visit so we had a goal to get most of the main events in before we had to leave).  Our tickets said to return between 11:50 and 12:20 so we headed over to the Premier theater at 11:50.  People must have been waiting in that line since 11:00 because we were pretty far back in line.  The doors opened at 12:15 for the 12:30 show time.  I thought our seats were going to be crazy far back but we ended up on the left side only about 5 rows back. Good seats!  The front rows are individual seats and as you get to the the far back it is bench seating.  This was by far my favorite show!!  The story tellers of Arandale were amazing and pretty darn funny!!  We can't wait to go back and see this again!!!

 Right after the show it was time for us to return to the ice skating rink.  We walked right in the back door with no problem.  Put our skates on and off we went.  After our 30 minutes on the ice we couldn't leave without trying the cupcakes!

The girls enjoyed watching the professional skaters perform.

 Our magical day was coming to an end.  The two events we missed out on this trip were the Frozen dance party at the hat and the Frozen fireworks.  We will return in a few weeks just for the night activities.  My girls still require a nap to stay up that late but over all this Frozen Summer Event was a huge success!!!  We loved everything and can't wait to get back for some more Frozen fun!!

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