Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Duffy the Disney Bear

I happen to have an addiction.  My husband thinks I have lost my mind, but my daughter is loving it and it is something we have fun doing together.  Our new found love and addiction is Duffy the Disney Bear. 
I had heard of Duffy, but never really looked into the story or knew why he existed.  Then one day my curiosity piqued.  You could say I got curiouser and curiouser, so I did a little research.  What I found out was that Mickey was getting ready to go on a very long sea voyage.  Minnie made Mickey a teddy bear to take with him so that he wouldn't be lonely.  Mickey took Duffy on all of his journeys and they made lots of friends along the way.

He has the most adorable hidden Mickey on his face and who doesn't love the little Mickeys on his feet.....or would that be paws?  They are only on the back ones so I tend to call them feet.  He also has a cute Mickey on his tushy. So I thought, hmmmmm, a cuddly soft bear that is as cute as he can be that I can take with me on all of my journeys.  What could be better???  Wait, he has a line of clothing???  Get out of here!  Yes!  Disney has a line of Duffy clothing.  They are some of the most adorable outfits out there.  Just to name a few they have Sully, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Stitch, Mad Hatter and many other absolutely adorable outfits.  Since he is a 17" bear most of the cute clothes at Build a Bear also fit Duffy.

My daughter and I instantly had to purchase our Duffy's.  My daughter wanted a girl teddy bear which she could dress up in princess dresses and everything sparkly.  Disney does make a girl bear, Shellie May, which is Duffy's best friend.  Unfortunately, Shellie May is only sold at Tokyo DisneySea.  I don't know about you, but I can't just pick up and fly to Tokyo for a stuffed bear.  I would also highly recommend you avoid buying Shellie May on Ebay as they tend to be fakes.  No one wants to pay those kinds of prices and not have an authentic Shellie May.

So my daughter decided she would buy a Duffy and give it a girls name and cross dress it.  She has no idea what cross dressing is and I am not about to tell her.  She has re-named her bear Bambi and it goes practically everywhere with her.  She dresses it in some of the cutest clothes that she has bought from Build a Bear.  Duffy is a boy, therefore,  Disney doesn't have a line of girl outfits available for the bear. That is unless you wish to hop on that jet and head on over to Tokyo!   All girl themed outfits need to be purchased from Build a Bear.  Build a Bear has a great Disney line and really cute shoes and accessories.

We have accumulated a nice sized wardrobe for Duffy and Bambi and we really enjoy dressing them up for holidays, special occasions and whatever journey we are on.  I found the perfect backpack that holds Duffy and Bambi perfectly without them being stuffed inside and out of view.  They are strapped on the back for the world to see and enjoy their cuteness.  It also provides plenty of room to carry outfit changes. For instance, this night we had to do an outfit change.

First we went to a soccer game:

Then we ended up at the drive-in move:

My Duffy is a fun loving, always up for a good time, ready to head off on a new journey kind of bear.  Where will your Duffy go?


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