Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Who's Who Wednesday: Kyle Dreisbach

Hi everybody! My name is Kyle and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I am a local family doctor here with a wife and a nearly 2-year-old baby. I did my first trip to Walt Disney World in the early to mid 80's when I was six. I went three times when I was very young. Those are some of the most special memories of my childhood, being there with my family, and I always wanted to get back. 

When my wife and I began talking about honeymoon destinations in 2008 we joked around about going to Walt Disney World and started looking at it and that is where we honeymooned, with an amazing dinner at Victoria and Albert's. We have been back about eight times since then and absolutely love it. 

We are planners. We have an itinerary and have every day of the vacation mapped out before we get there. We have stayed at many of the resorts including the All-Star Sports and Movies, POP Century, the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Contemporary three times, and the Wilderness Lodge. At this point we will only stay in the Contemporary for walking purposes at the end of a long day. (Not a fan of waiting an hour for a bus or a ferryboat.)

We have been in Walt Disney World at different times of year including March a couple of times, October a couple of times (by far my favorite), May a couple of times and I would really like to go every month of the year at some point. Our goal is that when we retire we will travel to all of the Disney World's and Disneyland's all over the country and the globe and own a home in Celebration, Florida.

Our most recent trip to Walt Disney World ended a couple weeks ago and we had been this exact time last year. It amazes me that things change every single year. We usually like to do about five days and we always use a dining plan. I'd like to think we have vacationing to Walt Disney World down to a science and I am always more than happy to share my experiences and my planning thoughts.

I have been friends with Shannan, A2M owner, for about six years now I guess and we love talking Disney. She has been kind enough to include me over here on the group and when life calms down a bit I certainly plan on picking my blogging activity back up and hopefully you guys will enjoy my silly sense of humor.

I used to write blogs entitled Dr. Dreiz's Disney Delights and still have access to those somewhere that I would be happy to repost if anyone is interested. It is a lot of WDW silliness and frivolity.

Thank you to everyone at Addicted to Mickey for making me feel like part of the family and thank you to all of the fans for supporting the best Walt Disney World and Disney Facebook page in existence. Shannan and the crew do an A+ job over here. I am thrilled to be associated with such wonderful people.

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