Thursday, June 19, 2014

Relaxing Times at Disneyland

   Hey Disney lovers!!  Acouple of months ago,  my kiddos and I went to the happiest place on Earth, DISNEYLAND!!!  We went for 6 days and had the best time, of course.  For people who are not Disney obsessed like us, they just can’t understand why we need to go for that long, to which my answer always is “you mean not long enough”.  We usually stick to the same routine when we head to Disneyland, character meals, Bippity, eat at Blue Bayou, etc.  This time we decided to go without a plan and explore the things in the park that we don’t usually have time for because we are trying to make the next reservation. 
   On our first day my son asked if he could drive the Mark Twain Riverboat. We were told we could if we waited till the next time.  We were escorted up to the Captain's area and got to see the Captain’s quarters and then arrived at the wheel house.  Each kid got to drive for a while and to pull the horn.  It was so great!  We signed the guest book and each kid received a certificate.
   The next thing we wanted to find out was if we could ride in the Lilliy Belle, unfortunately we were informed that they no longer do this because the Lilly Belle is getting a bit older and this experience is reserved for “special” guests. 
   Another thing we found to not be true was the Haunted Mansion no longer gives out Death Certificates if you ask, but you can print them online. 
   Something about taking it easy at Disney and having extra time means you don’t mind waiting as much. We went into the House of Tomorrow and just palyed video games and wandered around for a while. We also waited to meet my boyfriend, Captain America and my kids got to test out the Iron Man suit.  We decided to wait the 2 hours to have a front rowseat for Fantasmic, we watched Mickey and the Magical Map three times and enjoyed story time a few times as well!  We also spent a lot of time in Big Thunder Ranch this time, we colored pictures and got to spend some extra time with characters because it wasn't crowded at all.  We hung out with the animals and even got to charge my phone.
   I know that not every one goes to Disney every year like us or for 6 days either but if when you do go and you have every second planned out, maybe stop and remember this is vacation, and find the hidden treasures!! 

Mickey kisses all!!

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