Thursday, June 5, 2014

7 Dwarfs Mine Train Fantasyland spoiler alert

 I was lucky enough to get to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine train before it officially opened during the recent Disney 24 hour event, and I was so excited to be part of a soft opening. We have been watching this last piece of New Fantasyland since it all began. Each time we went it was getting closer and closer, so you can imagine the excitement.

 The sign said 60 minutes wait time, but we were on the ride within 30 minutes. The line queue was amazingly carved out, and no attention to details were spared. It's like the dwarfs themselves made the wooden fences and items in the queue line. We kept cool by the high powered fans blowing right on us, which were wonderful on that day because it was 97 degrees that day.

 As you wind around, and around the many turns in the queue line, you are then under the roofed area where you will see a 15 foot game table. This is the interactive part. You can touch the screen and put the jewels into the places they need to go. Then there is an interactive water play area, where you can run your hand under the area and colored water will fall. If you play all 12 notes a Snow white song will play.

 Next area is inside the vault, you will see barrels, I don't think people realize that this is actually a game. The key is for everyone to work together and spin the barrels all at one time really fast and Snow White will appear on the ceiling. This is both a good and bad thing, because you will be moving in line too fast to be able to accomplish this, or the line will be held up when people figure out the game.

 The next part of the line queue is just basically in a cave of sorts. The great part is the air conditioning ,it's nice and cool and the lighting is really low. Next you will see the loading area where you will be moved to the docking area to board your mine car. Each mine car train holds 4 people 2 by 2, in 5 cars, a total of 20 are boarded before it takes off.

 Now I have to tell you this is a family ride, and is located in New Fantasyland, so if you are Pooh sized, or have large bags, there is a chance you may not fit comfortably in this ride. The good thing is the pull down lap bars are not connected, so the person next to you can feel safe with having their own lap bar.

 The mine train cars looked like they were carved and are really cute.They do really swing back and forth as you go around the turns. A secret tip, is to use your body to sway the car some more.

 Coming out of the boarding area you will see the first part of outside and onto the first of 2 lift hills.There is no chain, so no loud clanking going up the hills. You will go for 30 seconds seeing outside, then be slowed down into the mine where the best animatronics happen.

 This is where the ride turns into a dark ride, slowly moving through the mine, and you will see all the dwarfs, and all the glowing gems. The gems are in 4 different sizes and 6 different colors, just like in the movie.

 Once out of the mine again, you will get a great view of New Fantasyland, gain some speed, and get in some great turns until you are slowed down again, to see Snow White in the cottage dancing with the dwarfs. The last thing you will see is the witch knocking on the door with her poison apples.

View of New Fantasyland!

 You are then unloaded and brought to the back of the cottage where some good pictures can be taken.

 The total ride time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds and goes by pretty fast. Be on the look out for hidden Mickeys on this ride, I have found 2 so far. The height for this ride is 38'' minimum. This ride does take fast pass plus and is recommended. As of right now there is no single rider line, but from the looks of it, it could be added at a later time.

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