Monday, June 30, 2014

Highway in the Sky

"Please stand clear of the doors...Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas."
When I hear those magical words I know just where I am.
It is one of my favorite phrases and one of the only ones I know in Spanish!

It had been a few years since I got to be an Honorary Monorail Co-Pilot. With each trip into Tomorrowland I asked my sons if they wanted to request to sit up front and wait our turn. This was going to be my last ride into the original Magic Kingdom and I wanted to do it.

While waiting to board the monorail from the Downtown Disney District, I struck up conversations with a little boy named Mason and his parents. His dad had a Birthday Button with the name Mike on it so I joked with Mason because he was wearing a Monsters Inc hat.

    They were annual pass holders who had taken the day off of work to enjoy the parks when the crowds were a bit lighter. I asked if they had ever gotten to ride up front. They had no idea how to do it so I whispered to them to ask the Cast Member when we got to the front of the line. I didn’t want anyone else asking in front of us. 
As fortune would have it, there was no one else waiting! It was our lucky day. There was only room for four people so my kids told me to go ahead.

I know the delight that guests can get riding in the front of the monorail, but I understand that safety is the most important thing. Guests riding with the monorail pilot can be distracting. Although there are many safety procedures in place, be sure to supervise children at all times. Remind little ones how important it is to be mindful of using their inside voices and keep their hands to themselves. The pilot will be happy to answer a few quick questions after you get to your destination, but remember they have everything timed like a well-choreographed dance.

I find it completely understandable from a business liability standpoint that Walt Disney World no longer allows guests to ride in the driver's compartment. But if you go to Disneyland Resort you can still sit back and enjoy the aerial views from the cockpit!

You get a great view of the Matterhorn from the Monorail!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Foodie Friday: Mickey's Kitchen Sink Sundae

I had had this sundae on my mind since I heard about it, so when we went to the 24 hour event this year I was super duper excited to get in line for my Mickey pants ice cream as they are sometimes called.

 My excitement grew even more when I seen the price dropped from 22.99 to 14.99! We only were in line for about 10 minutes and I had my own pair of red Mickey pants to enjoy.

 Now if you are wondering what is in this delicious pair of pants here you go: 3 scoops of ice cream-Vanilla,Chocolate and Strawberry, hot fudge and caramel sauce, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, whipped cream, and cherries.

 This is found at the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor and the Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom. This dessert is also available at Beaches and Cream at Disney's Beach Club resort. The price I believe is the 22.99 there, but you get brownies and cookies and some more toppings added to the sundae.
 For the Disneylanders its also available at Clarabelle's Hand Scooped Ice Cream in Disney California Adventure park.

This was not available on the Disney dining plan.

 All in all this was perfect for 2 people, probably if you're a light eater, it could feed 4 people. Hubby and I were ready to burst after we were finished eating, but it was so good.

 Now we have our own little pair of Mickey pants to enjoy at home. My husband says it would make a great little planter for kitchen herbs, but I am still loving it.

The back of the sink...the knobs really do turn.

   Empty sink,full bellies...


Relaxing Times at Disneyland

   Hey Disney lovers!!  Acouple of months ago,  my kiddos and I went to the happiest place on Earth, DISNEYLAND!!!  We went for 6 days and had the best time, of course.  For people who are not Disney obsessed like us, they just can’t understand why we need to go for that long, to which my answer always is “you mean not long enough”.  We usually stick to the same routine when we head to Disneyland, character meals, Bippity, eat at Blue Bayou, etc.  This time we decided to go without a plan and explore the things in the park that we don’t usually have time for because we are trying to make the next reservation. 
   On our first day my son asked if he could drive the Mark Twain Riverboat. We were told we could if we waited till the next time.  We were escorted up to the Captain's area and got to see the Captain’s quarters and then arrived at the wheel house.  Each kid got to drive for a while and to pull the horn.  It was so great!  We signed the guest book and each kid received a certificate.
   The next thing we wanted to find out was if we could ride in the Lilliy Belle, unfortunately we were informed that they no longer do this because the Lilly Belle is getting a bit older and this experience is reserved for “special” guests. 
   Another thing we found to not be true was the Haunted Mansion no longer gives out Death Certificates if you ask, but you can print them online. 
   Something about taking it easy at Disney and having extra time means you don’t mind waiting as much. We went into the House of Tomorrow and just palyed video games and wandered around for a while. We also waited to meet my boyfriend, Captain America and my kids got to test out the Iron Man suit.  We decided to wait the 2 hours to have a front rowseat for Fantasmic, we watched Mickey and the Magical Map three times and enjoyed story time a few times as well!  We also spent a lot of time in Big Thunder Ranch this time, we colored pictures and got to spend some extra time with characters because it wasn't crowded at all.  We hung out with the animals and even got to charge my phone.
   I know that not every one goes to Disney every year like us or for 6 days either but if when you do go and you have every second planned out, maybe stop and remember this is vacation, and find the hidden treasures!! 

Mickey kisses all!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Star Wars Giveaway

Custom art by Kevin Graham (size is 18" x 24")

Custom shoes courtesy of Raindrop Designs

Star Wars bow and Tutu set by Smart Moms, Sassy Daughters

Choice of a Star Wars Lanyard by Geek Den

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We Rocked Our DisneySide

   **I received free products in order to host my #DisneySide @ Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.

    I was so excited to get my shipment from Disney and MomSelect  and began planning my party right away. I tried to think of my favorite things to do while in the park and it all came down to food. The theme was An Evening of Disney Snacks.  There was no worry about having guests, who doesn't love Disney and food?   Several people offered to bring their own favorite Disney snacks, which helped me with the budget.
    I used many of the items that came in the supply box to decorate and prepare for the party. The table cloth came in handy for the snack bar but I came up with my own idea for the main table. I used a red table cloth and a black table cloth on each end of the table and then added 2 yellow plates to resemble the Mouse.

    The photo booth was a big hit with everyone, kids and adults! I bought several props at my local Dollar Tree that resembled characters and Disney related items, as well as EARS that we already had at home. I came up with fairy wings, magic wands, green army man hat and a Let's Celebrate sign. For the photo booth back drop, I used my favorite castle blanket. It was perfect!

   We had several game stations set up with Disney trivia, Disney HeadBands and Disney Bingo. We found that the trivia cards that were sent with the kit were way too easy for my avid Disney loving friends. We, instead used an iPad Disney trivia app.  Everyone loved playing HeadBands and guess who or what they were. Even the adults got in on the fun and laughs! I had several door prizes that I gave out to winners of the games. One of the items was a Mickey bracelet donated by Beautiful Baubles.

    Now for the food, the best part of the night. We had many of your favorite Disney snacks lined up around the table. I had prepared the Dole Whip Punch but also had tea and water. My friend Genna fixed up single size servings of the Grey Stuff, and yes, it was delicious!

   My mom made mini carrot cake cookies to mimic those from the Writer's Stop in DHS. My dear friend Dena knows my addiction to chocolate caramel apples from WDW and she offered to make them for the party.

   These things were huge and delicious! Beth brought a Mickey shaped cheese ball and crackers and my friend Tanya brought Mickey Oreos.

   Everything was sooo good and I really think everyone enjoyed the evening! Thanks so much to all the sponsors of the event and especially to MomSelect for this wonderful opportunity for us to show our #DisneySide!

**I received free products in order to host my #DisneySide @ Home Celebration. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

7 Dwarfs Mine Train Fantasyland spoiler alert

 I was lucky enough to get to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine train before it officially opened during the recent Disney 24 hour event, and I was so excited to be part of a soft opening. We have been watching this last piece of New Fantasyland since it all began. Each time we went it was getting closer and closer, so you can imagine the excitement.

 The sign said 60 minutes wait time, but we were on the ride within 30 minutes. The line queue was amazingly carved out, and no attention to details were spared. It's like the dwarfs themselves made the wooden fences and items in the queue line. We kept cool by the high powered fans blowing right on us, which were wonderful on that day because it was 97 degrees that day.

 As you wind around, and around the many turns in the queue line, you are then under the roofed area where you will see a 15 foot game table. This is the interactive part. You can touch the screen and put the jewels into the places they need to go. Then there is an interactive water play area, where you can run your hand under the area and colored water will fall. If you play all 12 notes a Snow white song will play.

 Next area is inside the vault, you will see barrels, I don't think people realize that this is actually a game. The key is for everyone to work together and spin the barrels all at one time really fast and Snow White will appear on the ceiling. This is both a good and bad thing, because you will be moving in line too fast to be able to accomplish this, or the line will be held up when people figure out the game.

 The next part of the line queue is just basically in a cave of sorts. The great part is the air conditioning ,it's nice and cool and the lighting is really low. Next you will see the loading area where you will be moved to the docking area to board your mine car. Each mine car train holds 4 people 2 by 2, in 5 cars, a total of 20 are boarded before it takes off.

 Now I have to tell you this is a family ride, and is located in New Fantasyland, so if you are Pooh sized, or have large bags, there is a chance you may not fit comfortably in this ride. The good thing is the pull down lap bars are not connected, so the person next to you can feel safe with having their own lap bar.

 The mine train cars looked like they were carved and are really cute.They do really swing back and forth as you go around the turns. A secret tip, is to use your body to sway the car some more.

 Coming out of the boarding area you will see the first part of outside and onto the first of 2 lift hills.There is no chain, so no loud clanking going up the hills. You will go for 30 seconds seeing outside, then be slowed down into the mine where the best animatronics happen.

 This is where the ride turns into a dark ride, slowly moving through the mine, and you will see all the dwarfs, and all the glowing gems. The gems are in 4 different sizes and 6 different colors, just like in the movie.

 Once out of the mine again, you will get a great view of New Fantasyland, gain some speed, and get in some great turns until you are slowed down again, to see Snow White in the cottage dancing with the dwarfs. The last thing you will see is the witch knocking on the door with her poison apples.

View of New Fantasyland!

 You are then unloaded and brought to the back of the cottage where some good pictures can be taken.

 The total ride time is 2 minutes and 30 seconds and goes by pretty fast. Be on the look out for hidden Mickeys on this ride, I have found 2 so far. The height for this ride is 38'' minimum. This ride does take fast pass plus and is recommended. As of right now there is no single rider line, but from the looks of it, it could be added at a later time.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Who's Who Wednesday: Kyle Dreisbach

Hi everybody! My name is Kyle and I am from Louisville, Kentucky. I am a local family doctor here with a wife and a nearly 2-year-old baby. I did my first trip to Walt Disney World in the early to mid 80's when I was six. I went three times when I was very young. Those are some of the most special memories of my childhood, being there with my family, and I always wanted to get back. 

When my wife and I began talking about honeymoon destinations in 2008 we joked around about going to Walt Disney World and started looking at it and that is where we honeymooned, with an amazing dinner at Victoria and Albert's. We have been back about eight times since then and absolutely love it. 

We are planners. We have an itinerary and have every day of the vacation mapped out before we get there. We have stayed at many of the resorts including the All-Star Sports and Movies, POP Century, the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Contemporary three times, and the Wilderness Lodge. At this point we will only stay in the Contemporary for walking purposes at the end of a long day. (Not a fan of waiting an hour for a bus or a ferryboat.)

We have been in Walt Disney World at different times of year including March a couple of times, October a couple of times (by far my favorite), May a couple of times and I would really like to go every month of the year at some point. Our goal is that when we retire we will travel to all of the Disney World's and Disneyland's all over the country and the globe and own a home in Celebration, Florida.

Our most recent trip to Walt Disney World ended a couple weeks ago and we had been this exact time last year. It amazes me that things change every single year. We usually like to do about five days and we always use a dining plan. I'd like to think we have vacationing to Walt Disney World down to a science and I am always more than happy to share my experiences and my planning thoughts.

I have been friends with Shannan, A2M owner, for about six years now I guess and we love talking Disney. She has been kind enough to include me over here on the group and when life calms down a bit I certainly plan on picking my blogging activity back up and hopefully you guys will enjoy my silly sense of humor.

I used to write blogs entitled Dr. Dreiz's Disney Delights and still have access to those somewhere that I would be happy to repost if anyone is interested. It is a lot of WDW silliness and frivolity.

Thank you to everyone at Addicted to Mickey for making me feel like part of the family and thank you to all of the fans for supporting the best Walt Disney World and Disney Facebook page in existence. Shannan and the crew do an A+ job over here. I am thrilled to be associated with such wonderful people.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Smart Moms, Sassy Daughters by Jettyspagetti Headband Review

I received free products to review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Something I love more than anything is to dress my daughter up with a special outfit for an event, any event.  I will find any excuse to do this and the special thing about having a girl is the accessories!!  Luckily I came across Smart Moms, Sassy Daughters by Jettyspagetti on Etsy.  I asked Jeannette Milton, the store owner, why she opened her shop and her answer was perfection! 

While browsing her items I was really pleasantly surprised at how affordable her items were. That can be a problem when looking for bows, tutus and other accessories, it really starts to add up! She has a ton of Disney inspired bows and really adorable super hero bows that are perfect for any girl who adores super heroes as much as her brothers or father!  She has Lego, Minecraft and another of my favorites, Star Wars!!  I was really excited about the tutus and the combination of colors she offers and how they fit in perfectly with any of them. And again I must add the prices are terrific, I mean  you really won’t fine this quality of work for this price anywhere else!  She offers bows on clips and headbands and also little clippies!  She has bottle cap necklaces as well! 

I was super excited to order a Maleficent bow for my daughter for the upcoming movie. I found the perfect one through her Etsy page and just could not wait to order it!  The ordering experience could not have been better.  I found a bow and liked a different middle picture, and while I didn’t want to be a bother, Jeannette could not have been more helpful and told me no problem.  I received the bow so quickly and it is amazing quality!  So just so you know just because the prices are affordable doesn’t mean the quality is is poor, just the opposite, this work is terrific!  Customer service is outstanding!  I highly recommend that you check out her shop and if you have any requests don’t be afraid to send her a message and ask her because she is awesome and so helpful. Please take the time to go and check out her shop on Etsy, you will not be disappointed.
Check out her work at:

Magical kisses!!  


I received free products to review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

April's daughter wearing her bow to complete her Maleficent outfit for the movie this weekend!