Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Who's Who Wednesday: Maleficent

I’m here to tell you about a certain villain. One we’ve all grown up with and have probably been scared of at one point or another in our childhood. This villain is Maleficent, the queen of all evil and probably the most feared Disney villain known to date. As a kid, I loved watching Sleeping Beauty. It was one of my favorites (just behind Cinderella). Well, the scene where Maleficent transforms into a giant fire breathing dragon used to scare me to death. Just seeing Maleficent was scary to me, she was what a real villain looked like in my eyes.
In a book series about the Disney Parks, known as the Kingdom Keepers,  Maleficent plays the role of the main antagonist, looking to make Disney World a place where nightmares come true instead of dreams. But she doesn’t want to stop there. No, Maleficent wants control of the world outside the parks, and will stop at nothing until she has it.
Maleficent is featured in quite a few things Disney related that I am a fan of. She also features as a pretty impressive villain in my favorite video game series known as Kingdom Hearts. In these games, Maleficent was the very first villain we encounter in the whole series, and she’s not even the main bad guy! But she is set on ruling the countless Disney worlds that make up this awesome series.
As you can see, Maleficent is a serious villain and when I was little I ran into her at the Magic Kingdom. Now remember, I was like four years old at the time and this is one of my earliest memories I have at the parks. This was back when you’d see princesses and other characters just walking around out in the park, so of course they could walk up to you and talk if they wanted.
Well, anyway, my mom and I were looking at the princess pins in Fantasyland while my dad and older brother were off riding something in Tomorrowland. That was back when I wouldn’t ride anything but the carousel. So here I was just a little kid looking at Sleeping Beauty pins. At the time I had an obsession with, as I liked to call her, Sleeping Judy. While I was picking out which one I liked most (and which one had the most sparkles), Maleficent walked up to me. She pointed at a pin of herself and told me I should get that one. Needless to say, I started bawling my eyes out right then and there and ran to hide behind mom. I think I spent the rest of the day afraid of running into her again.

Now that I’m older, Maleficent doesn’t scare me at all. Like a lot of people, I stopped being so scared of this villain, and now I think she’s actually a pretty cool bad guy and I’m excited to go see the movie about her being released this week. 

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