Sunday, May 4, 2014

MAYleficent Giveaway

We're very excited about our MAYleficent giveaway! We've partnered with some great Disney Pals to bring you all these awesome Maleficent inspired items!

Strip Work peasant dress from Prickly Pear. Choose any combo of the villains fabrics pictured. Sizes for most from 12 months to 10 years.

Kleenex tissue holder from Lizzie's Right Brain

Headband from Smart Moms, Sassy Daughters

Gift card/Ticket/Resort Card wallet from Lizzie's Right Brain

Personalized Luggage Tag from Lizzie's Right Brain

Neck Lanyard from Lizzie's Right Brain

T-Shirt with Maleficent applique from Ava Baby Co. 
(Choice of sizes available and T-Shirt color and brand may vary from picture.)

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  1. My favorite time to go to Disney World is Fall around October <3 But I'll take going anytime of the year! :)

  2. My favorite time to visit Disney is anytime someone else is paying! :) Second to that though, I love the Christmas holiday season, specifically mid-November or early-December.

  3. My favorite time to visit Disney is in October. I love the Not So Scary Halloween party. This year we are trying Christmas time.

  4. My favorite time to go to Disneyland is during the fall time for Halloween! :)

  5. My favorite time of year to visit Disney is off-season when it is NOT crowded. Early May is GREAT! Mid-September is also GREAT!

  6. My favorite time to go to Disney is in the spring when all of the flowers are blooming.

  7. I like to visit Disney in the fall.

  8. Any time is my favorite time, but early December is great!

  9. I love September! Still warm and the crowds aren't bad!

  10. My favorite time to visit is the Fall - love the Halloween decor and lighter crowds.