Friday, May 30, 2014

Malificent review: Spoiler alert!!!

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 I just got back from seeing Maleficent, and I have to say first of all I was in tears before the movie even began. There was a #DisneySide commercial that was so sweet, I looked like Pumba.

 Ok, back to the movie. The movie starts out with Maleficent as a very pretty young girl. She still had horns, but she was a very pretty winged creature. They showed her meeting a boy, who later betrays her and she takes everything out on the humans because the one she fell in love with betrayed her by cutting off her wings so he could become king.

 This is where Aurora comes into play. As she is born and given to the fairy creatures to take care of her until the day after her 16th birthday Maleficent puts a curse on her. 

 She lives with the "aunties", and low and behold Maleficent is not the bad winged creature we all thought. She protected her and became her fairy godmother as Aurora calls her. She spends lots of time with Maleficent and they develop a bond.

 The aunties then let it out that her father is alive. Her father has turned cold and super mean after trying to send out all his armies to kill Maleficent. After she kills or hurts hundreds of men, Aurora is brought back to her dad, and is locked up. She escapes, and the curse has taken hold as she is back the day of her 16th birthday. 

  Now, all through the movie, I never thought I would actually feel bad for a supposed 
 villain. I felt bad for her as she was the one looking after and protecting Aurora.

 Aurora then pricks her finger on the needle, and falls into her sleep, and supposedly only true love's kiss can save her, but low and behold, it's really an act of true love.

 So, after the act with Maleficent, she awoke, and then as they are escaping to live with the Moors, she is captured. This is where the dragon comes into play. More people are killed or hurt and just when you thought Maleficent was done for, Aurora comes and saves her by letting her caged up wings go, and they reach to her, and Aurora is now the victor... and you know how the story goes, they lived happily ever after....

 Now, this is just a brief run down on what happened. It was very much like a few movies rolled into one. You had the fairies from Tink, though not the same ones, just pixies, and then creatures that looked like they were from Avatar, and some of the time I swore I was watching Narnia, so that was cool.

 The graphics were amazing. It was a very dark movie. Most of the time it was black and grey, with touches of light. 

 It really surprised me in the end...I really liked it, I give it 4 out of 5 Mickey heads. Angelina Jolie played a good part, the castle scenes were good and I loved the Moor's land. 

 Would I recommend this to kids? Maybe 10 and up depending on maturity and other similar movie experiences. Younger than that, I don't think they would understand. I didn't find it very scary at all.

 The biggest thing I will take away from this movie is I now see Maleficent in a whole new light.

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