Friday, May 9, 2014

Flower and Garden Festival: Hanami Frushi and Pineapple Paradise

This is one of those items I could eat 100 of. I was so excited to see this back on the menu as this is my ultimate favorite little dish.

It is located at the Hanami booth, and it's called Frushi. This little one bite snack is like sushi for kids. Its coconut rice sourrounded by a light sushi like soft covering. In the middle is seasonal fruit and somewhere is also has some toasted coconut; but it's not even noticeable. It is then placed on a drizzle of raspberry sauce and a nice little dollop of whipped cream. The price this year has gone up to $4.50, but they added another piece.

For a drink at Hanami I got a Pineapple Paradise with Yuzu slushi. This is a frozen blend of sweet sake, pineapple juice and cream flavored with yuzu citrus juice. This was one of the strangest slushies I have ever had. It was like foam, not icy slush. It was pretty good taste wise. It was $8.50 for the glass.


         Pinapple Paradise drink

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