Wednesday, May 21, 2014

24 Hours at Disney World

  It's that time of year where another 24 day is happening at Walt Disney World, and Disneyland/DCA for our friends on the West Coast. The first one was 2 years ago on Feb 29th, "Leap Day", it was called "One More Disney Day", and at the time it seemed like a one time thing, though most thought they would do it again. Then last year, well they did do it again, on May 24th, for the "Monstrous Summer All Nighter". Now once again they are doing it this year on May 23rd, and it's pretty clear this will be a yearly event. This year it is called the "Rock Your Disney Side" 24 hour event. This year is a little different because, much like during MNSSHP, you can dress up in costumes!

  I will be attending this years event just as I have the previous 2, and will all future ones as long as I can! I attend these events by myself because I wife doesn't want to go and my son is only 4 1/2 so he wouldn't last. The first year was fun, it was something that was being done for the first time and was something to be part of. I got to the Magic Kingdom at about 5 am and figured there wouldn't be too many people, but I was wrong. The entrance was packed, not only with other guests there for the day but with news outlets, websites, and cast members. They had Mickey and Minnie out for the cameras in their pj's and had a special "rope drop" show, then everyone entered. I remember this very clearly, mostly because of how unclear the morning was. It was so foggy in the morning that from the end of the Main Street where you come out of the train station you could barely see Cinderella Castle. As I made my way down Main Street I decided to head to Tomorrowland and ride the Astro Orbiter since I don't ride it much when I'm with my family. From there I headed to Space Mountain and then just made my way around the park. I got through most of the rides then got some food and rode some more rides. About midday I just sat and rested and people watched. I found myself an outlet, which can be difficult, (though not so much now that they have the charging stations in the Tangled area, and the new "phone charging lockers") charged my phone up and after a while I started all over again.

  Now just because I went by myself doesn't mean I was alone. Disney addicts are some of the friendliest people, so I was never short of "new friends". Some of the best people to talk with were the Cast Members, especially as it got into the wee hours. Lots of them were there in the morning having fun, then back in the evening to work. As it got into the late/early hours the park really took on a "party" atmosphere, from the dance party from about 1am on in the Castle Hub, to the Cast Members not being so strict on some of the rules, still doing what needed to be done for safety though. Mostly what I'm talking about is letting you stay on rides longer, and the shows were a lot more relaxed. For example I did the Country Bear Jamboree at about 3 am and it was me, two other guests and a bunch of off duty Cast Members and the guy "running" the show, just kinda said "No Smoking or eating, otherwise enjoy", and left off other parts of the pre-show speech. Let me just say it was the most fun I had watching that show ever, everyone was up and dancing, clapping, and singing along. If everyone could experience this attraction like that I think it would be packed all the time.

  The night slowly wound down, I didn't leave right at 6am. I took my time getting out of the park. I had a really good conversation with an older gentleman all about Disney and the history of the parks on a slow walk down Main Street to the exit. One of the oddest things was that all the shops were closed up. I've never seen that. It really showed that they wanted people out so they could get ready for the day that was coming very soon.

  Last year was much the same, though this time I had some friends I spent most of the day with. It was nice to have others with me, though they did take a midday break and went back to there resort, and they left about 2am, so I still had some time to myself which I also enjoy. The theme was "Monstrous Summer" in honor of the Monsters University coming out. I enjoyed seeing all the monster stuff, i.e. cupcakes, merchandise, characters. My first ride this year was also the Astro Orbiter, mostly by chance, but none the less it has now become a tradition for me that it will always be my first ride for these events. My day again was rides, food, rides, break, rides, with lots of fun throughout. The last ride I rode was The Carousel of Progress, and it was just before 6am and I dozed off and when I woke the ride was over. When I exited I saw the Cast Member working the attraction, but no one else, Tomorrowland was empty, I wish I had gotten some pictures, but my phone and camera were both dead at this point. Needless to say it was kinda creepy. All I could think was "I shouldn't be here and need to leave." So I made my way towards the Hub and as I was walking I saw more and more people so I felt calmer. I took the opportunity to get some pictures of Cinderella Castle with no one around and a few other random shots then made my way out. One other neat thing was the the bus driver who dropped me off at the Magic Kingdom the morning before was the same one who picked me up to take me back to my resort!

  Both times though it was a "24 hour event" it was more of a 25 - 26 hour event for me, and I loved every minute. I can't wait for this year, especially with the addition of the Hero's and Villians, and getting to see all the costumes people come up with. If you're thinking about doing it I would definitely recommended it. Though it's a long day, it's lots of fun and if you must nap there's plenty of places too do that, though I think napping is kind of cheating lol. So have you done any of the past events? Are you going to be going this year? Do you hope they do more in the future? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook page. As always have a Magical day and see you real soon!!!

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