Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What is a Fish Extender?

If you have ever been on a Disney Cruise, it is almost certain you have seen these pocket things hanging outside some cabins. If you have wondered what they are and what they are for, then your questions are about to be answered. These are called "Fish Extenders".

A fish extender is just what you see in the picture above, a bunch of pockets that are hung from fish outside of a cabin that has the cabin number on it. With the remodeling of ships, Disney has been using shells and seahorses as a number plate also. But since at the time there were only fish cabin number plates, the term started as, and remained, fish extender. The number of pockets can vary by how many people are in the cabin and participating in the Fish Extender Exchange. These fish extenders can be hand-sewn, bought online, or pieced together from anything that creates pockets.

The purpose of a fish extender is to receive fish extender gifts. These gifts are either store-bought or home-made gifts. They are usually Disney related in some way. But sometimes they are small gifts that represent an area that people come from. These can be neat gifts when people are from another country. Gifts can range in price and imagination. It is totally up to the giver as to what or how much they give. Some fish extender gifts include coozies, candy, magnets, key chains, first-aid kits, cups, light cards, coasters, and pirate themed items for pirate night. People have different ways of giving, as usually there are no set rules. Some give one gift per cabin, others one per person. And even others give multiple gifts per person, spread out over the length of the sailing. People deliver their gifts at all times of the day and night. But part of the fun is to try to make sure you do not get caught!!

The fun of participating in a Fish Extender Exchange is to meet new friends from around the country, and around the world. Many groups that form will have a meet and greet before the ship sails. Some of the fun for me is to give some of my Disney Addiction and enthusiasm to others I hope feel the same. But also it is to see the fun ideas other Disney Addicts come up with. Of course the smiles on my kids' faces are priceless when they see great toys or crafts inside their pocket. I like to get my kids involved in the making of the gifts too, for added excitement.

If you are planning a Disney Cruise, and want to look into participating in a Fish Extender Exchange, all you need to do is search Facebook and disboards for "Fish Extender" and you will find groups that are available to join. Fish Extender Exchanges is not officially recognized or promoted by the Disney Cruise Line.

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