Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Mickey's Teen Town ~ What Disney Means to Me

Editor's Note: We're very excited to introduce a new monthly series here at A2M called Mickey's Teen Town! Please welcome our newest writer Sydney. We're looking forward to getting her special teen perspective on all things "Disney"! P.S. She's also a very talented artist. Check out her art at the end of the article!
         Some people like to call Disney childish and loving it kind of silly. Well, Disney has been a big part of who I am. Not many people understand just how much Disney means to me personally. For one thing, I grew up watching Disney movies and going to Disney World. I had princess costumes I would play dress up in with my cousin when we were little (and later on passed them onto my little sister). I had a Cinderella themed room growing up.

            Disney also inspired me to get creative with drawing and the art of story telling. I remember at one point I wanted to become an animator for Disney. It helped me grow more creative with both art and writing and now I can’t go two seconds without thinking up a story in my head or thinking of something to draw. That’s how much of an impact it had on me growing up.

            About seven years ago now, my family and I lost everything in a house fire. Shortly before that happened I got sick and had to be pulled out of school due to my grades gradually slipping because I didn’t feel well at all. Shortly after our house burned, we took a trip to Disney World with my cousins and for a short time, I forget about everything that was bothering me. I was smiling and laughing genuinely because there, I was happy. I wasn’t in the real world and reality couldn’t hurt me. After we got back, it would be about three years before we got to return. In that time period, we learned I had a quiet form of epilepsy. I spent a lot of time crying and wishing and praying to get to go back to my happy place, which was Disney World.

            Through that hard time I watched a lot of Disney movies, and whenever a Disney special would come on TV I’d record it and watch it over and over again. Some could say it was obsessive, but to me it was something familiar in a very confusing time.

            No one really, truly understands why I love Disney so much. But Disney taught me some pretty important things in some very trying times. Never stop dreaming, always wish on stars, never grow up, keep moving forward, and never lose hope.


  1. That is beautiful! I am so proud of you Sydney!!!!

  2. Sydney, I wasn't sure what your mom was talking about when she mentioned you publishing a writing, but I found it tonight. This is such a well-written powerful writing! You are an inspiration to other kids (starting w/ your little sister, Im sure!). Keep it up! You've got a bright future ahead of you!! You're an amazing young lady!! -- Joy P.