Thursday, April 24, 2014

FAQ: So you're considering doing a Giveaway with A2M

First of all, thank you for considering joining a giveaway with us! Hopefully this will answer many of your general questions.

I will set the giveaway up on Rafflecopter. The entrants are then required to "like" or "favorite" pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy etc, or tweet about the giveaway, make a blog comment, things like that. Whatever you decide, since I asked you to join.

I usually run the giveaway for a week or two. The winner is chosen randomly through Rafflecopter. What it's meant to do is bring lots of traffic to your page(s)!

Addicted to Mickey is a licensed travel agent with Magical Vacations by Me with a specialization in Disney Travel. While we love our fellow TAs, we request that our giveaway partners NOT be travel agents. Thank you in advance for understanding.

I will share the giveaway daily at various times on the Addicted to Mickey Facebook page. I ask that you commit to sharing the giveaway a minimum of three times a week on your business page(s) at various times of day to hopefully attract different audiences. It's also suggested and preferable to share on your personal page as well if at all possible.

The blog post will also be on our Pinterest. You may want to share separately on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and any of your other social media outlets for the most possible "reach".

I request that you not run any other giveaways at the same time that ours is running.

There is no cost to participate in the giveaway other than the cost of the item(s) you are donating.

In some cases there may be a few various products/companies and/or Facebook pages involved in a giveaway, usually with the same theme (ie: all having to do with Maleficent or particular holiday etc...). This is designed to bring more exposure to the giveaway and again, bring more traffic and attention to your page(s).

I will notify the winner via email and a post to the Addicted to Mickey FB page after verifying that they have completed the process properly (that they have "liked" the pages etc...), and then provide you the mailing information. The winner will typically have 24 hours to respond. If I don't hear back from them I will run the Rafflecopter again and choose another winner. NOTE: If the product is something that will be customized or chosen in some way by the winner, I will provide you the contact information and you will then communicate directly with them to fulfill their prize. You will then send the prize to the winner so there is less risk of damage or loss between too many hands. I request that this be done in a reasonable time, usually two weeks or less from the time I notify you of the winner's information. If that's not possible because of unforeseen circumstances please keep in touch and keep me advised so that I can inform the winner of the situation.

Many of our giveaway partners choose to submit an item for "Review" as well as an item for a giveaway. The review makes the giveaway more "personal". One of my writers will review an item from your shop, sometimes even reviewing the "process" and "customer service", and write it into a blog article. Once the article is posted I share it on the FB page and it will have a link to your shop and FB page as well; even Pinterest if you want.

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