Monday, April 28, 2014

Disney World 24 hours 2013 Monstrous Summer All-Nighter

Are you looking forward to the Disney 24 hour event this year? Wondering what to expect? Well, let me tell you all about how last years' Monstrous Summer 24 hours event went down!

 The park opened at 6 am. Many characters, the Mayor, and the special stars Mike and Sully hopped on the train. They opened the park and set off fireworks. I watched this part live at home. We don't live far away so we waited a little while to take our trip over to the park. The parking lot was very full when we got there so we had to park on the grass. Not too long after we arrived the Magic Kingdom parking lot was closed. People were parking at Epcot and being bussed over.  

 We watched the Celebrate It parade, featuring Monsters University characters Mike and Sully. After that we basically just walked around, people watched, rode rides, ate, and walked around some more.

 Once it got to be later in the evening, near time for fireworks, it got super busy in the hub and on Main Street. We were like little sardines, but I don't regret being there in any way! Through the night they had dance parties, they even showed Monsters Inc all night up until about 3 am! They have a spot in Tomorrowland and the ground is padded, there was a huge screen, and they just kept playing the movie. It's a perfect spot to just chill and relax. Later on around 1 am, there began to be more and more bodies all over the place. None were in the way of anything, there were just sleepy people all over. For the most part the smaller kids had gone back to their hotel, but there were some babies and kids sleeping in strollers. 

 There was also tons of themed food all over. From apples to cookies to lighted drinks to ice cream, you name it. Blue and green was in. They even had blue and green cotton candy. A little tidbit, if you don't like green apple stay away from the green Mike items. The CM's in the candy store were just giving away huge chunks of cotton candy away, that little kick of sugar sure got people dancing again! There were also limited edition items such as ears, t-shirts, pins etc...

 One of my favorite things we did was to meet up with a bunch of other Disney bloggers and fans from all over. I met one of my favorite podcast people, and some super cool online Disney friends.

 The characters were out until 5am but the park was almost dead by that time.The DJ at the castle was still pumping up the beats and by 2 am the cast members really cut loose. They were dancing and singing, and everything.

 The rides during the night sometimes closed down for a little while so they could clean them, and not many places were available for real food. A lot of the places to eat were closed by 7 pm. There were plenty of places to get burgers and fast food items as well as fruits, popcorn, cotton candy and drinks.

Special edition cupcakes

So, what are my top tips for surviving an "all-nighter" at the parks? 

Number 1- It was hot and muggy!! As you can see from this picture on my way to the park it was 99 degrees! Remember this year they are asking us to dress up this year... so dress cool!

Number 2 - Stay hydrated!!

Number 3 - If you plan on going in the daytime, bring sunblock!!!

Number 4 - If you plan on driving be prepared. As it got later in the day even the buses were stuck in the traffic getting to the parks, some for a few hours!

Number 5 - Go early if you plan on a sit down meal. Better yet, plan ahead and make ADRs if you think you want to do a table service meal. I don't know Be our Guest is going to stay open the whole time or not this year.

Number 6 - Shoes...bring the tennis shoes or something comfy. 24 hours is a loooong time to be on your feet!

So, what was my favorite thing about the whole 24 hours? Well, I have 2. About 5:45 the DJ at the castle played his last song. It kind of became a theme song for the night, so after some fist pumpin' and jumping up and down, we were all told to gather to the front of the park, in front of the train station. Mickey and Minnie came out in their pajamas, and they led the Kiss goodnight... M.I.C.... See ya real soon.. K.E.Y. Why? Because we like you, M.O.U.S.E. They thanked us for surviving the 24 hours and said goodnight. We waited a little longer and got to see sunrise over the castle, something I have never seen before. I wish my camera batteries had lived that long because it was so beautiful. 

 So there you have it, my 24 hours in a nutshell. I can not wait till May when we get to do it all over again! Will you be there?

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