Thursday, April 10, 2014

AOS Design Necklace Review

As a mommy to a fashionista three year old, it is often hard to find jewelry that not only looks beautiful but is durable enough to be handled by a toddler. Well, when my Cinderella Pearl Cage Carriage necklace by AOS Design arrived in its delicate pink sachet, I was excited and surprised. Finally, a piece of jewelry which I felt confident in sharing with my little princess. The carriage itself was big enough and durable enough that I didn't give a single thought to accidental choking, or swallowing, of the well encased black pearl. The chain on which it came, was a sturdy silver chain, which I was confident could outlast any day at the playground, and it did.

Opening jewelry in front of my little princess is basically an invitation for her to wear it, so she did, all day. It was magical. She wanted everyone to share in her joy of her Mommy's necklace which she got to wear. She made everyone at the playground look at it, and respond to the question, "Don't you think it's beautiful", to which everyone of course confirmed. She kept referring to it as her "special mommy princess" necklace, which made not only the necklace, but the day, that much more special.

So, if you are looking for a gift for a fellow mommy, a child with impeccable fashions sense, or anyone in between, a necklace from AOS Design is sure to do the trick. Beautiful, durable, and Disney themed, you really cannot go wrong!

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