Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Who's Who Wednesday: Daniella Schmidt, Sandwriting by the Sea

How did you become a Disney fan?

 I have always been a Disney fan since my first visit in 6th grade. In college I thought of the possibility of working there, way before the Disney College Program came to be. In March of 2007,  I married my husband there in the Disney wedding pavilion with our reception at the Atlantic Dance Hall and fireworks dessert party in Italy World Showcase. That was the beginning of sharing our love of Disney with friends and family and now our son. Since then Disney is just a part of our everyday lives.  For the past four years, I've spent my days sending people to the happiest place on earth as a Disney Vacation Specialist and I can truly say I love my job!

Tell us about your creative process/how you make your photos....

I began my Sandwriting By the Sea business in 2010 after losing our first son at 35 weeks. The idea of creating these photographs came to me after someone in Australia created a beautiful one in memory of our son.  I offer several different styles of Sandwriting photographs.  Some I can only offer at certain times of the year. I love photography and I am from the beach and thought it was a great idea to create these for happy occasions and celebrations.  I take all my pictures on the beaches of Cape May, NJ. I write the messages or letters in the sand with a stick, photograph them and that is it.  Weather is a big factor and can affect my work and I have to watch the tides and the conditions of the beach to make sure they are just right to work with.

Why/how did you choose this particular product...

I thought my alphabet Sandwriting name photographs would make a great centerpiece for anyone that may not be celebrating anything and just love the beach. You can display your family name, a wedding or birth. Of course, I had to throw in some fun Disney ideas for Disney weddings and Disney fans. The ideas are endless but I create the majority of them for weddings and anniversaries. These particular products I can create from the comfort of my home using the Sandwriting letter pictures I took on the beach and can provide them year around. People love giving them as gifts. They tell me it’s the talk of the party when someone opens it. It makes me happy to know I am making someone happy.

What makes this product unique...

No one Sandwriting is alike. Whether it is my personalized sandwriting photographs on the beach or my alphabet sandwriting name photographs, they are all unique and you won’t find another one like it. I have had people request how they want the water to look or the sun to hit the water in a pictures but its nature and not something I can control which makes each picture one of a kind.
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Who’s your Disney favorite character... Mickey Mouse of course

Favorite restaurant...

It’s very hard to choose but I am going to have to say the Cape May Café at the Beach Club. I love seafood and it reminds me of home. I can’t resist all you can eat clams, mussels and crab legs plus I love their salads!

Favorite attraction...

Haunted Mansion. It’s a favorite of our family. We try to ride it as many times as we can when we visit Walt Disney World.

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