Thursday, March 13, 2014

Keeping Disney in Everyday Life

I have told you all before about my love for Disney tattoos, which is one of my favorite ways of keeping Disney with me at all times!  But that is not the only way we keep Disney alive in our family between our visits "home."  In our house my kiddos bathroom is Disney themed as well as our kitchen.  There are a few Disney photos hung throughout our home and of course the many Disney toys throughout the house!  But we also make Disney a part of our lives in many other ways. Recently we got our first family puppy and his full name is: Walter Elias Disneyland Phillips, Disney for short.  My daughter's last big birthday party was an Alice in Wonderland theme. I of course went a little overboard with the roses being painted red and two tier cake, and croquet set, etc.  There are Disney cell phone cases and purses, and key chains.  My youngest is always finding hidden Mickeys in everything, which warms my heart. My oldest son reads and re-reads Disney books.  Would it be surprising to you if I told you my daughters middle name is Aurora and my youngest son's middle name is John-Michael?  Please don't think we love our oldest son any less but his middle name is after my father.  I think, as many of you understand, to us that love Disney it is not a vacation spot or logo, it is something that gets into your heart and soul and holds on tight.  Really Disney is a way of life, and I choose it!  How do you keep Disney in your family and everyday life?

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  1. It sort of seeps into your home before you realize it- we don't have any kids and you still can't swing a cat without hitting a mouse statue or something! Love the bedding!!!