Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day at Kona Cafe Red Velvet Pancakes

Many people ask me "Does Disney do anything special for Valentine's day?" Well, I know they don't usually do too much, but they do have some "unadvertised things", like at Kona Cafe, where we were given a pink piece of paper with our breakfast announcing a special Valentine's surprise. If you have a sweet tooth, especially in the morning, you are going to love this breakfast, and I am so happy they are doing it again this year. (The price may be different this year.)

Along with the famous pressed pot coffee which goes really well with this menu item, the Kona Cafe, just for Valentine's day, has added Red velvet pancakes with cream cheese topping. You receive 2 dark red pancakes along with sausage or bacon (I asked for ham ). Just beware it is really sweet, but ohh sooo yummy!!!

My review : The pancakes were super sweet, a little dry, maybe a tad bit too much chocolate for morning time. I actually added some of hubby's strawberry sauce from his tonga toast, it went really well together. The cream cheese topping is a dollop on top of the pancake. It was super "cinnaminy" and sweet, but it went well with the chocolate of the pancake.

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