Friday, February 28, 2014

Earl of Sandwich

In my opinion one of the best places to eat in downtown Disney has got to be Earl of Sandwich. It's a really neat little building. You will see the yellow wording on the outside of the building; it just leads you in.

Located next to one of the kids fountains and across from the toy store you will find this little gem. It is counter service and very economical. The menu is really easy, and they even serve breakfast. Sandwiches are either hot or cold and they now have wraps and salads. They have a nice array of grab and go items such as chips to go with your meal and they even have their own tea. They also have smoothies, parfaits, and fresh fruit for healthier options. Soups are also growing in popularity for those who want a lighter lunch or dinner; or add it to a sandwich wrap for a heartier meal. They didn't forget about dessert either. They have pudding, cookies, cupcakes and brownie bites for your sweet tooth. My favorite is the chocolate pudding.

The breakfast sandwiches start at 3.99 and the lunch/dinner sandwiches start at 5.99.The sandwiches are always made to order so everything is really fresh.

You will find a menu of sandwiches named after the famous guy John Mantagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, slapped together meat and 2 pieces of bread, and the sandwich was born.

My favorite sandwich is called the All American. It's is on an artisan roll with roast turkey, buttermilk ranch, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and roma tomato. My hubby's favorite is the famous holiday sandwich. It consists of turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberries. This used to be a limited holiday time only sandwich but has been so popular they now have it on the permanent menu.

There is seating inside, but at meal time it can get super busy so it's a good thing they also have outdoor seating which is so nice on a Florida day. It is also covered seating, so if we get our typical showers you can still eat under cover.

This is my family's must go to place to eat every time we go to Downtown Disney.

The whole sandwich

The All American

The Holiday Sandwich

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