Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Cold Temps in Florida? YES, It Happens!

Its a common misconception many people have that it does not get cold here in Florida, but let me be the first to tell you it does!

I am going to the world this week and I'm preparing to be bundled up. It's dipping down into the 30's this week at night. 

If you plan on visiting in January or February chances are you may experience our Florida winter. It is short, but there are mornings where we are scrapping the ice off of our car windows.

I see a lot of northerners in the parks in shorts and t-shirts, and I see others running to buy jackets and sweatshirts in the store. How do you know its cold? The stores bring out the hats and gloves to the front of the store. They are basic black in color, so if you want something more festive be prepared and bring a set from home.

So how do you prepare for your trip during the "Florida Winter"? Number one is to watch the weather before you leave. Some people check the weather early and never check back, but Florida weather changes on a dime, so be sure to check the weather right before you walk out the door and make sure to pack appropriately. This is especially important if you pack ahead of time.

Number two: Dress in layers! Bring a sweatshirt and jeans at least. Many nights get quite chilly. Don't forget the kids... if they are in a stroller bring a blanket for them. If you or someone in your party are in a wheelchair you might want to bring a blanket of take a towel to cover your legs.

Number three: Stay away from rides like splash mountain and Kali River Rapids. Even if you're donning a raincoat why chance it? Walking around wet in the cold is not fun.

Number four: While visiting the parks consider renting a locker, that way you can stash your layers in there as it warms up during the day.

Number five: Don't forget the sunblock and chap stick. Yes, you can still get a small sunburn (or windburn) in January!

My favorite places to be when it is cold out is at one of 2 resorts... in my hoodie, with a nice cup of hot chocolate... sitting next to the fire place at Ford Wilderness Lodge or the Boardwalk Resort. They both have the best fireplaces around in my opinion.

Now that you are warm, can you imagine how some of the characters feel? Well, you will be happy to know even many of the characters have their winter outfits on if they are outdoors. Disney thinks of everything don't they? 

Please remember while in the winter one of the water parks are closed for rehab, one is always open, but if the temps dip too low that one is also closed.  See also number 3! (Darleen jumping in here... remember that if the temps are cold enough for the water parks to be closed due to the cold weather, many of the other outdoor activities may be cancelled, up to and including outdoor dining such as the Hoop Dee Do Revue, "Swim up" movies at the resorts etc... It's best to check before you head out to an outdoor event just to be sure it's still taking place.)

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