Monday, February 17, 2014

Being a Princess Runs in the Family

Walt Disney World, the happiest place on earth, home to endless joyous memories for millions of women and little girls who see themselves as princesses. However, being a princess isn't just about wearing a stunning gown and living happily ever after. Now being a princess can also have a new meaning. This new version of princess is an athlete, an active gal who just happens to run while wearing a tiara and maybe even a tutu. Thanks to the hard working folks at  runDisney, a group which takes the magic of Disney, integrates a healthy love of running, and creates race weekends which are exciting, empowering, and well, magical, there is an entire weekend devoted to this new type of princess.  The Princess Half Marathon Weekend is jam packed with a larger than life fitness expo, kids races, the Royal Family 5k, the Enchanted 10K, and of course the Princess Half Marathon. The race courses weave through the Disney parks, and beyond some of nicest race volunteers who have ever handed out water and gu, are the actual Disney characters ready and waiting to take pictures with runners. In addition to the official characters there are also all of the running characters. Oh yes, half the fun of running through Disney is wearing some type of costume, or at least a character inspired ensemble.
As a mommy runner, theses events give our family an excuse to take weekend Disney vacations, full of fun and celebration, and of course exercise! Tiaras, tutus, and sparkle are everywhere, and that’s just on the adult runners. My favorite day will be Friday, the day of the 5k, because once I cross my finish line with the familiar cheers of go mommy go, the real magical race will almost be ready to begin. Our family will regroup and head over to the kid’s races where I will park myself at the finish line to cheer for my absolute favorite princess, my daughter. She gets so excited at her races. There is always a character at her finish line waiting to give high fives and hugs, and she gets a medal of her very own. By the end we are both beaming with pride and ready to show off our race bling to the world.
Sharing this event with her is beyond special. She is only two, and already she gets it… Exercise is fun! That way of thinking is one of the most valuable life lessons; and the best part is, she learned it as a princess in Disney! Princess weekend just reinforces the fact that princesses can and should be active little girls and women. Just because you are a princess doesn't mean you have to sit and sip tea; and just because you are active doesn't mean you can’t be a princess! Thanks to runDisney, you can embrace your inner princess while wearing running shoes at any age. Only three more weeks to go until race day, and I can’t wait, because two generations of running royalty is definitely better than one!

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