Monday, January 6, 2014

Pop Century Review

Let me start with saying in my opinion Pop Century is by far my most favorite value resort. I have stayed there probably over 50 stays. When we have the chance and they are available that is where we go.

Pop Century opened in 2003. It was meant to have 2 different areas, the Classic years and Legendary years. What was to be The Legendary years part is now the Art of Animation. The Classic years go from 1950's to the 1990's.

Pop Century is located in the Wide World of Sports area, which means it is closest to Hollywood Studios. Pop takes you through the decades. It brings me back to my childhood when I go into the lobby and see the cute little displays from the decades. I show my kids what we had growing up as kids. They have cute little displays of toys and gadgets from each decade. They even have you dancing in the lobby at certain times. It's really fun!

Pop has 3 pools. The big one up front is called the Hippy Dippy pool. It is so cute with its flower shaped sprayers. Even the pool bar is taken back to the 60's! The other pools are located in different areas. There is a big bowling pin pool and a big computer pool.

Among the room you will see giant icons like a huge Mickey mouse phone, a huge cell phone, a Big Wheel, and many more icons.

Pop also has a jogging trail, a playground, and an arcade to entertain the kids for the off times that you're not in a park.

The rooms are an average of 260 square feet, usually have 2 double beds, a table, 2 chairs, and a 32 in, TV.

There is a store to get your souvenirs and odds and ends. Dining is like the other value resorts. One of my favorite things about Pop is Mom's night out meal! This is a special meal, just like we had as a kid, it comes in a tray just like an old fashioned TV dinner. The other favorite is the tye dyed cheesecake! It will dye your lips blue, or red, or green!! It is soooo good!!! They also have pizza delivery.

The rooms are nicely done, like the other values, with themed pictures and wallpaper.

Here are some pics from my trips...enjoy!!!

These soccer players are 12 ft tall!!!

This big wheel can hold 644 lb kid!

Mom's night out meal!



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