Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Who's Who: Amy Decker

Welcome aboard! My name is Amy Decker, and I’ll be your skipper, your lion tamer, alligator wrestler, and if you don’t laugh at my jokes, your swim instructor. Oh wait, we aren’t on the Jungle Cruise anymore! Even though I may have hung up my skipper uniform well over ten years ago, my love for Disney will never be put on the shelf, and I am so excited to share my love of Disney with you as a part of the Addicted 2 Mickey team! I am a wife to my Prince Charming, Mike, and mommy to my two adorable little ones, Arabella and Axton.

Loving all things Disney, for me, started at a very young age, when every year my Dad and I would take a very special trip to Walt Disney World all the way from our home in the Seattle area. My love blossomed through my teen years and through college when I decided to attend UCF so I could work at the happiest place on earth.  Since then, I have been a devoted annual pass holder and my husband even proposed on Disney property! To say that we are a Disney loving family is very much an understatement. We frequent the parks at least once a month, and every time we go, something new and magical is experienced. In my spare, non-Disney time, I train for and run half marathons. RunDisney races are my one true love when it comes to fitness, they are the absolute best! For me and my family, Disney is more than just theme parks with smiling faces and heartwarming characters; more than blockbuster movies, enchanting resorts, and the most enjoyable races on the planet. Disney, much like Santa, or the spirit of holidays, has an intrinsically magical quality for us. I am a proud Disney addict, and I can’t wait to share my magical experiences with you!

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