Thursday, November 21, 2013

My Disney Home

     Hi everyone!  I haven't gotten to blog for a bit and have missed you all. Let me remind you a
about me, I was born and raised in California, my parents took me to Disneyland when I was about six months and every few years or when they could afford it.  We did take one trip to WDW when I was 13.  When my husband and I got married and had children we started taking them to Disneyland and continued to go at least once a year. We go more when we can but the Army likes to station us far, far away from all the parks!  So in March, while moving from Hawaii to Kansas, we decided to spend my husband's leave time in WDW.  We stayed for 21 days at Shades of Green and bought season passes and spent every day in a park, it was fantastic!  We had planned on going back in February before my husband deploys and before our passes run out.  One night we were sitting around with our kids and discussing our next trip when all of us decided that we wanted to go to Disneyland instead of WDW.  It was a weird and surprisng decision that made us all very happy.  This made me wonder, if we all have a park that is "home" to us? Do other Disney parks just not hold up?  So let me say this, we LOVED WDW!!  Loved it, had a blast and would never change that vacation.  There were things in WDW that Disneyland doesn't have, like the pirate tours our kids did and being in WDW the whole trip was amazing. However, the whole time I was there, I found myself saying "if only they had this part of Disneyland in WDW it would be perfect!"  It's funny to talk to people who grew up in Florida and that is their home.  I had a friend say "no Figment in DL?  That is terrible!"  If you are from DL you most likely don't even know who Figment is, but after our last trip and seeing my youngest fall in love with him, I can see how that is something that would be hard for a WDW baby to not have.  For me, it was Fantasyland at WDW. Small World was so small,  I missed Mr. Toad and Storybookland so much my heart hurt a bit. Alice and Pinocchio and Casey Jr.'s train, all hard to not have. But the New Fantasyland was great. I loved Belle's Enchanted Tales and eating at Be our Guest and the soon to be done mine train ride for Snow White looks so fun!   I don't think it is fair to compare the two parks. They are both full of love, magic and dreams. I don't think either fails to inspire Disney magic and honestly I don't think there is another vacation that could ever compare!  I feel as though Disney needs to build a park, preferably in Kansas, and I will help plan it.   So what park is your home park?  What magic would you like to see at a different park?  

Magic kisses and hugs!!

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