Friday, November 15, 2013

Happy Birthday!

*UPDATE*  We ran this article two years ago today. Today we have almost 5,500 Awesome Amazing Disney fans and friends! There have been a few other changes in writing staff, but everything else is still pretty much the same. We are a Disney O'hana, helping each other through the good times and the not so good, and laughing and loving each other each step of the way. One other change... Shannan is now a Disney Travel Specialists! She can now help you book that wonderful Disney trip of a lifetime and share her love of all things Disney and help you to have the best time possible with her experience and concierge service! All that said, Happy Birthday to our own Shannan! LOVE YA!

We've often said that we have the BEST fans in the "Disney fan community"... which is absolutely true! ;) But, part of that comes from having an AWESOME page owner that fosters a feeling of community, respect and belonging. We are blessed to have that in our page owner Shannan! And... today is her birthday!!! Not only has she brought together a great group of over 3,000 Disney (or Mickey) Addicts, she has brought together an amazing group of writers and contributors. She makes us all feel like family! Many of us in the writer's group have met "in real life" at the parks and I think most of us would claim each other as true friends. (Even though many of us, surprisingly, haven't actually met Shannan!) We support each other, laugh together and cry together as a group about everything, not just Disney things. Most of all, we have an awesome group of people to "talk Disney with" and who understand our... high level of "fandom" ;) Without further ado, here are just a few words that we wanted to share with you about one of the nicest people and Disney page owners out there!  (Warning, grab your tissues! ;) )

From Adam: "Shannan is a great Disney loving lady. She brought me on to write for A2M a little over a year and a half ago, and I am ever so grateful she did. In that time I've met her one time, and of course it was at Disney World! It is because of her that my love of Disney has grown and involvement with with other things Disney, outside of this page, have happened. I'm very thankful that she started this page and that she brought me on when she did! She loves Disney, her family, and Duck Dynasty and for that I say "thank you", have a magical day, and that I would gladly buy her a "Disney apple" any time!"

From Amy: "As a newbie to the A2M team, I have never met Shannan, but I already know that she is one of the most supportive and kind individuals whom I have ever been lucky enough to encounter. I wish her all the joy and happiness she can handle on her special day and I look forward to making Disney memories with her!"

From Angela: "Seems so crazy to say I have not yet met Shannan. I feel as though I know her so well through Facebook and messages. Shannan is so open and lets you into her wonderful world and love of Disney.  I am so grateful for Shannan inviting me into this special group of Disney lovers. It is so clear to me what a loving, devoted mother Shannan is. I love seeing pictures of her kids and everything she does for them. I hope your birthday is as fantastic as you are!"

From April: "I have never actually met Shannan but I have become closer to her than some people I see face to face on a daily basis! She always sends me a quick pick me up and nice words when I need them and without asking! I am so looking forward to seeing this chick in the upcoming year and go on all the adventures we have planned!! Love you Shannan!!!"

From Darleen: "I am blessed to count Shannan as a friend. (OK, I call her a "Disney Sister" and DBFF) I have had the opportunity to meet up with her (at WDW of course) not once, but three times now! I recently asked her if she remembered how and when we first 'met' because it seems we have known each other much longer than the year and a half or so that we have. I've enjoyed getting to know her not only in person but also through Facebook and our frequent chats. She is not only one of the biggest Disney fans I know, but also an amazing mother and friend. She is a truly caring person that is the first one to offer encouraging words, prayers and Pixie Dust before you even know you need it! I am so thankful that she brought this awesome group of Disney lovers together as a Disney O'hana! Shannan, you deserve all the happiness and Pixie Dust you can handle for your birthday and I wish you a year filled with Wonder and Happiness!"

From Dawn: "I have never met Shannan, but we share this Disney bond, and that is what makes her even more special to me. I love my Disney friends. Shannan always has something uplifting to say, and is such a huge supporter. She took me on as a writer, and for that I am so grateful to her. I love reading about her love for Duck Dynasty and the love of the South in general. She is a true family mom, and I hope one day to meet her and tell her "Thank You" face to face! Have an awesome happy happy happy day girl!!"

From Heather: "I met Shannan through a Disney website where I entered a contest. The prize was a postcard from a character that my kids would be interested in. She contacted me to ask who I would want the postcard from and when we were planning to return to Disney. Not too much later, I liked the Addicted to Mickey website. At that time, Shannan asked if anyone was interested in writing on the blog. I was so excited to have the opportunity to share my love of Disney with other Disney lovers. People tend to think that my addiction to Mickey and all related things is crazy. People who belong to Shannan's group understand my craziness. I loved the chance to write weekly reflections in trips and tips that I have taken to Disney World, Disneyland and on the Disney Cruise."

    From Karla: "Happy Birthday to a lady I met online getting ready to plan a Disney trip. Even though my trip got cancelled, we continued to talk and become friends! She prays for my family and sends Pixie Dust just at the right time! One day I hope to meet up with her and her family. If we are lucky maybe it will be at Disney World! Happy Birthday my friend!" 

    From Kayla: "I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Shannan before, but I just want to thank her for welcoming me and adding me to the A2M team. She and everyone in the group has been very supportive of my time at the Disney College Program and I enjoy every article I am able to put up for the blog. Happy Birthday Shannan!!"

    From Shelby: "The first time I met Shannan I was taking her photopass picture at Hollywood Studios. She was so open and inviting for me to come join her blog. I will never forget that first meeting and the couple of times I have spent at WDW with her!"

    Shannan, we love you! Thank you for being such an awesome "page owner". You are an Amazing woman and we want to thank you for bringing all of us together and we hope you have a wonderful birthday!

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