Friday, October 11, 2013

Foodie Friday: House of Blues Downtown Disney

House of Blues Front Porch

I have been wanting to eat at House of Blues for many years. A few weeks ago I got my chance. We didn't have any reservations, but we went to the desk, and 30 short minutes later we were seated. Let me start with the outside. House of Blues is nestled way in the back of the West Side in Downtown Disney, right across from La Nouba. The outside is done in a super rustic feel with the cutest man made articles all over the place. There is a store, a place outside that has live music (around dinnertime this really sets off) and you can enjoy the outdoor bar and a free concert outdoors, for those who want to just "hang out" and "get their drink on".

Outdoor Bar and concert area

Metal artwork outside

We were there for dinner. As we walked into the building, the art work was wall to wall! Some very imaginative artists had fun. The inside was wall to wall art of many flavors and colors. It was really neat.


House of Blues is known for its spicy cajun food, and the menu said it all. I had a hard time finding some not so spicy foods, as I am not a lover of spice. So what did I got for? For the appetizer we tried the street tacos with blackened chicken and adobo spices, which equaled what? I needed 2 sodas to put the heat out...but they were soooo good!!!!

Street Tacos

On to our meal. After going over the menu 100 times we were starving, and we decided on the Buttermilk chicken. We had a short wait for our food to come out and our waitress was quick to bring refills.


We got our meals, and I was like is that all for me?? You got a huge, I mean huge, plate of food!!! The chicken came with homemade coleslaw and red rose garlic mashed potatoes. Man, those were both totally yummy. The chicken, I swear you got a whole entire chicken!! It was piled high on that plate!

Yummy Buttermilk Chicken!

Daughter's "Kids Meal" cheeseburger sliders

There was no way we could do dessert, but they looked really good.

So, pros and cons:

Pros: The artwork, gives you soooo much to look at! The food was hot, and the general atmosphere was happy.We got in without reservations!

Cons: I felt rushed, we were not offered appetizers or dessert. I felt like they needed us in and out as fast as possible.

They take the Disney dining plan, Tables and wonderland (minus the Gospel Brunch), and is considered a table service meal.

 So, will we go back? Absolutely!!

 Hours are 11:30am-11pm Sun-Thurs and Fri-Sat 11:30am-1am

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